Post-Combine, 4-Round Rookie Mock Draft

Mar 16, 2020
Post-Combine, 4-Round Rookie Mock Draft

Like going for seconds at a buffet, this mock draft is going bigger and really exploring everything that is being offered. This edition occurred after the NFL Combine and features four rounds of mock drafting rookies. Another significant difference between this edition and the last one (find it here) is the inclusion of our friends over at Dynasty League Football. Included are Jeff Haverlack, Ray Garvin, Ryan McDowell, Dan Meylor, Rob Willette, and myself. Like before, every pick will include comments where provided, along with my personal commentary. And just like before, the draft will assume a 1QB league with PPR scoring and no tight end premium.

4for4 Rankings: Dynasty | Never-too-Early Redraft

Round 1

Pick 1-6
Pick Drafter Name Pos College Team Age Height Weight
1.01 Jeff H. D'Andre Swift RB Georgia 21.2 5-8 1/4 212
1.02 Ray G. Jonathan Taylor RB Wisconsin 21.2 5-10 1/4 226
1.03 Ryan M. CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma 20.9 6-1 5/8 198
1.04 Dan M. Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama 20.9 6-1 193
1.05 Rob W. Cam Akers RB Florida State 20.7 5-10 3/8 217
1.06 George K. J.K. Dobbins RB Ohio State 21.2 5-9 1/2 209

1.01 - D'Andre Swift

Previous 1.01 - D'Andre Swift

Jeff: “There are five legitimate 1.01 players in this draft, almost unheard of. I still believe Swift is the 1.01 due to a combination of agility, less mileage on his legs and an NFL skill-set.”

Jeff is probably an outlier on the selection after the combine but his broader point around the razor-thin margins at the top holds true. It will be a dealer’s choice at the top unless landing spot widely favors a singular option.

1.02 - Jonathan Taylor

Previous 1.02 - Jonathan Taylor

Ray: “One of the most prolific rushers in NCAA History. Extremely durable and improved in the receiving game in 2019. He just blazed a 4.39 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine at 226 pounds!”

Jonathan Taylor has moved up in most mock and actual rookie drafts to the 1.01, but stays at the second pick in this exercise. His combine speed was impressive, even if players who are deeper into devy and rookie analysis knew his track and field history. There are few, if any, red flags with Taylor and he may be the safest selection overall.

1.03 - CeeDee Lamb

Previous 1.03 - CeeDee Lamb

Ryan: “The top RBs are the talk of this draft class and could be causing Lamb and other top WRs to actually be undervalued. Lamb is a lock to be drafted in the top half of Round One and could immediately become the WR1 on many teams. I am hoping for a pairing with his former QB Kyler Murray in Arizona.”

Lamb did nothing to hurt (or help) himself at the NFL Combine and should remain in this range. Ryan’s hope of a Kyler Murray reunion would be equal parts fun and welcomed by dynasty players. A whopping 42% of his 2019 receptions went for 20-plus yards, something that every team would love to have as part of their offense.

1.04 - Jerry Jeudy

Previous 1.04 - Jerry Jeudy

Dan: No comment available

The top four remains the same in this version and Dan had one of the easier choices in this draft. The fourth spot could prove to be the tier break for many with Jeudy potentially representing the last of the high floor/high ceiling players in this class.

1.05 - Cam Akers

Previous 1.05 - J.K. Dobbins

Rob: “It is not outlandish to claim five members of this mock could have done a better job blocking for Cam Akers during his FSU career. Despite the absence of help, Akers was a playmaker for the Noles and crushed the Combine. We have yet to see his best.”

Akers is the rawest, but possibly the most physically talented player in this draft class. He was a high school quarterback who threw for over 3,000 yards and 30 touchdowns while also running for over 2,000 yards and 30 his senior year! Give him any semblance of coaching and an offensive line to see what can be unlocked.

1.06 - JK Dobbins

Previous 1.06 - Cam Akers

George: “Dobbins is still my number three running back after the combine due to his versatility and production at Ohio State. Not working out at the combine was disappointing but it does little to move the needle in his case.”

Not participating at the combine was unfortunate but shouldn’t hurt him provided a decent Pro Day showing. I prefer him to Akers due to his overall production, receiving ability, and the higher chance he is an immediate contributor.

Round 1

Picks 7-12
Pick Drafter Name Pos College Team Age Height Weight
1.07 Jeff H. Tee Higgins WR Clemson 21.2 6-3 5/8 216
1.08 Ray G. Jalen Reagor WR TCU 21.2 5-10 5/8 206
1.09 Ryan M. Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB LSU 20.9 5-7 1/4 207
1.1 Dan M. Henry Ruggs III WR Alabama 21.1 5-11 188
1.11 Rob W. Justin Jefferson WR LSU 20.7 6-1 1/4 202
1.12 George K. Laviska Shenault Jr. WR Colorado 21.4 6-0 5/8 220

1.07 - Tee Higgins

Previous 1.07 - Tee Higgins

Jeff: “Not working out was disappointing but I've seen everything I needed to on Higgins. He had a monster second half of 2019, has a fantastic catch radius, speed to stack defenders and NFL size to dominate at the catch-point. Getting him at 1.07 is a coup”

I share Jeff’s opinion here on Higgins both in terms of the NFL Combine as well as his overall game. Higgins doesn’t seem to have the elite ceiling of players drafted before him but should provide a solid player who could be the safest option after that initial tier of players.

1.08 - Jalen Reagor

Previous 1.08 - Laviska Shenault

Ray: No comment available

Honestly, if you have listened to any of Ray’s various podcast appearances, you know his love of Jalen Reagor. Much like Akers, Reagor saw a tough year due to a lackluster supporting cast. That shouldn’t take the shine off his skills as a deep threat and nuanced ability to win in one on one matchups. He should easily be a top 60 NFL Draft pick.

1.09 - Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Previous 1.09 - Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Ryan: “Some may be disappointed by a below-average 40 time at the Combine, but speed has never been the key to Edwards-Helaire game. I expect CEH to come off the board in the second round of the NFL Draft and a primo landing spot could push him as high as 1.06.”

Ryan makes a good point on Edwards-Helaire’s potential to move up the board after the NFL Draft. He has the three-down skill set to entice an NFL team to take him with a featured role in mind. With the right landing spot, that 40 time won’t be a consideration for dynasty drafters.

1.10 - Henry Ruggs

Previous 1.10 - Jalen Reagor

Dan: “Though he may not be considered in the same class as Lamb and Jeudy to most, his explosiveness gives him the same kind of elite upside. He's the WR3 in the class for me and I don't think he's as far behind Lamb and Jeudy as many others do.”

Ruggs gets a slight jump up from the last mock draft, which may have to do with his combine performance. The speed was expected but the 42 inch vertical and near 11-foot broad jump were both in the top six percentile all-time. That could help sway NFL teams to make him the first wide receiver off the board.

1.11 - Justin Jefferson

Previous 1.11 - Justin Jefferson

Rob: “Incredible journey for Jefferson, from one of the lowest-ranked recruits in LSU history to potential 1st Rounder. Jefferson checked off all the boxes at the Combine, adding to his impressive production profile.”

It’s getting harder to pick apart Jefferson as an NFL prospect. The NFL Combine performance confirmed his explosiveness and deep speed. If he ends up going in the first round, Jefferson could threaten the top half of the first round in rookie drafts.

1.12 - Laviska Shenault

Previous 1.12 - Henry Ruggs

George: “The injuries and sitting out the combine hurt but I'll take the reasonable discount here. I love Shenault's game and he thrived despite an anemic Colorado offense. He will add a rugged dynamic to an NFL offense.”

I ended the slide here with Shenault who was being talked about as a mid-first round pick in rookie drafts just weeks ago. The injury concerns are valid but I’m not ready to ding him on bypassing the Combine. I’ll take my chances on a player who could end up being a heavily targeted NFL wide receiver.

Round 2

Picks 1-6
Pick Drafter Name Pos College Team Age Height Weight
2.01 Jeff H. Denzel Mims WR Baylor 22.4 6-2 7/8 207
2.02 Ray G. Eno Benjamin RB Arizona State 20.9 5-8 7/8 207
2.03 Ryan M. Bryan Edwards WR South Carolina 21.3 6-2 3/4 212
2.04 Dan M. Brandon Aiyuk WR Arizona State 22 5-11 5/8 205
2.05 Rob W. Tua Tagovailoa QB Alabama 22 6-1 218
2.06 George K. Zack Moss RB Utah 22.3 5-9 3/8 223

2.01 - Denzel Mims

Previous 2.01 - Ke'Shawn Vaughn

Jeff: “After watching most all of Mims' snaps, I was already very high on him pre-Combine. He possesses an NFL skill-set, hands, catch-point mechanics and physicality. Only remaining variable was speed which he answered at the Combine. His speed score surprised me greatly and I now have him ranked just behind Higgins at WR. I think he'll be a second-round NFL selection.”

Mims made an incredible leap after not being drafted in our last rookie mock exercise. He should be a Day 2 selection for a team looking for an outside receiver with some serious speed. Some have said the speed doesn’t show on tape but he had a solid 29% of his receptions go for 20-plus yards.

2.02 - Eno Benjamin

Previous 2.02 - Tyler Johnson

Ray: No Comment Available

Eno Benjamin is a tough prospect for some. His production slipped in 2019 after a breakout season the year prior. That said, he caught over 40 passes last year, an impressive number for a college running back, and showed good agility and great burst at the Combine. Eno could carve out a nice career as a complementary back.

2.03 - Bryan Edwards

Previous 2.03 - A.J. Dillon

Ryan: “Edwards' stock took a hit after a disappointing senior season and a broken foot kept him out of the Combine and further hurt his value, both in dynasty leagues and the NFL. Still an exciting prospect with an all-time elite breakout age, Edwards should be a value in the second round of rookie drafts.”

Edwards actually rose six picks from the previous mock but Ryan is right, many will downgrade him after he missed the NFL Combine. The downward momentum Edwards has had since returning to school may be depressing a good player. His draft capital will matter more than most.

2.04 - Brandon Aiyuk

Previous 2.04 - Brandon Aiyuk

Dan: “Aiyuk is a very interesting prospect due to his combination of size (6'-0", 205 pounds), smooth route running and raw upside. Dripping with potential, he's an ideal dynasty WR target in the second round right now but could be a first-round rookie pick if he ends up in a good landing spot early in the NFL draft.”

I was hoping he’d solidify a Day 2 spot in the draft season but as Dan alludes to, Day 1 is in the realm of possibilities. NFL teams will fall in love with his ability with the ball in his hands and versatility in the return game. He managed an astounding 39% of Arizona State’s receiving yards last year on just 28% of their pass targets.

2.05 - Tua Tagovailoa

Previous 2.05 - Michael Pittman Jr.

Rob: “I'll take the plunge with the first QB. Medicals are a mystery but I think Tua has top-shelf NFL QB traits. I will take that over second-tier RB's and WR's with major warts.”

Sniped! Tua has elite level upside and since this draft completed just after the Combine, Tua’s medicals have looked more promising. In superflex leagues, landing spot could have him threatening Joe Burrow for the top spot in rookie drafts.

2.06 - Zack Moss

Previous 2.06 - Antonio Gandy-Golden

George: “Another post-Combine faller, Moss is a punishing runner and is well-rounded in the passing game. A slow 40 won't deter me from taking a shot on a potential three-down option at this point in the draft.”

Shrug. Let people dismiss Moss because of a forgettable Combine. NFL teams don’t seem bothered by it right now, keeping him in line to be a Day 2 NFL pick. That draft capital along with his production at Utah makes this a solid spot for him.

Round 2

Picks 7-12
Pick Drafter Name Pos College Team Age Height Weight
2.07 Jeff H. Antonio Gandy-Golden WR Liberty 21.9 6-4 223
2.08 Ray G. Michael Pittman Jr. WR USC 22.4 6-4 223
2.09 Ryan M. Ke'Shawn Vaughn RB Vanderbilt 22.9 5-9 5/8 214
2.1 Dan M. Tyler Johnson WR Minnesota 21.6 6-1 3/8 206
2.11 Rob W. A.J. Dillon RB Boston College 21.9 6-0 3/8 247
2.12 George K. Joe Burrow QB LSU 23.3 6-2 1/2 221

2.07 - Antonio Gandy-Golden

Previous 2.07 - Zack Moss

Jeff: “While not the fastest receiver, he did enough on his 40 to stay a high upside late second-round rookie target in dynasty. He possesses some of the quietest and confident hands I've ever scouted, has an incredible catch radius and even though he has played for a small school (Liberty) he possesses rare size and athleticism to transition to the next level.”

I’m just not a fan of Gandy-Golden. I don’t see him coming close to the 28% of receptions going for 20-plus yards and will struggle with separation in general. His overall raw game concerns me as teams may not be patient enough with a middling prospect to give Gandy-Golden the time to learn.

2.08 - Michael Pittman Jr.

Previous 2.08 - KJ Hamler

Ray: No Comment Available

A slight slip from the last mock draft, Pittman doesn’t have the upside to become a top wide receiver for an NFL team but should stick as a strong secondary option. He’s more of a possession type, but has reliable hands, as evidenced by his 82% catch rate in 2019. In the right offense, he could be a volume monster.

2.09 - Ke'Shawn Vaughn

Previous 2.09 - Bryan Edwards

Ryan: “Vaughn has endured a long road to the NFL after transferring and then waiting for his shot at Vanderbilt. It paid off with consecutive 1,000-yard seasons and enters the league as a potential three-down back.”

I love Vaughn’s running style as he’s patient and has a second gear as a former sprinter to get into the open field. Where I’m hesitant to call him a three-down back like Ryan is in the passing game. He has shown little in this facet to this point so his ceiling could be limited if NFL teams feel the same way.

2.10 - Tyler Johnson

Previous 2.10 - Joe Burrow

Dan: “Johnson looks the part of an NFL receiver, particularly as a jump-ball threat. He tore up the BIG over the last few years but needs to prove he has the speed to create separation at the next level.”

Freeeeee! Free Fallllllin! Tyler Johnson’s dynasty stock took a hit after passing (once again) on draft season activities. He better hope he nails the Pro Day or his NFL Draft stock could suffer too. He’s smooth and nuanced as a wide receiver but the questions are around his athleticism, something that could have been answered at the Combine.

2.11 - A.J. Dillon

Previous 2.11 - Albert Okwuegbunam

Rob: “Dillon supported old testing numbers by crushing the Combine. It is fair to wonder if BC's antiquated offense held him back. One of the better stabs in the second tier of runners.”

Once again, Rob and I had the same guy in mind at the end of the second round. Dillon showed rare size/speed at the Combine and had people throwing out Derrick Henry comparisons. He’s not that level of athlete, but Dillon could find a similar role to when Henry came in the NFL, providing early-down work to a Dion Lewis receiving option.

2.12 - Joe Burrow

Previous 2.12 - Tua Tagovailoa

George: “The likely top pick in the NFL Draft should have job security and every chance to succeed. He put up one of the best seasons in college football history. Now, if the Bengals can add some talent on offense...”

Getting Burrow here is fine for me. The pick won’t be hailed as a steal even if Burrow becomes a top-end quarterback but the bust potential is lower than anyone left on the board. Happy to take a potential long-term starter or possible trade chip if I’m deep at the position.

Round 3

Picks 3.01 - 3.12
Pick Drafter Name Pos College Team Age Height Weight
3.01 Jeff H. Justin Herbert QB Oregon 22 6-6 1/4 236
3.02 Ray G. Antonio Gibson RB Memphis N/A 6-0 3/8 228
3.03 Ryan M. Anthony McFarland RB Maryland 22 5-8 1/8 208
3.04 Dan M. KJ Hamler WR Penn State 20.7 5-8 5/8 178
3.05 Rob W. Chase Claypool WR Notre Dame 21.7 6-4 1/4 238
3.06 George K. Cole Kmet TE Notre Dame 21 6-5 3/4 262
3.07 Jeff H. Donovan Peoples-Jones WR Michigan 21.1 6-1 5/8 212
3.08 Ray G. Lynn Bowden WR Kentucky 22.4 5-10 5/8 204
3.09 Ryan M. Albert Okwuegbunam TE Missouri 21.9 6-5 1/2 252
3.1 Dan M. Hunter Bryant TE Washington 21.6 6-2 1/4 248
3.11 Rob W. Devin Duvernay WR Texas 22.5 5-10 1/2 200
3.12 George K. Darrynton Evans RB Appalachian State N/A 5-10 203

3.01 - Justin Herbert

Jeff: “The third round is a perfect place to find a rookie, highly picked, quarterback as a developmental prospect behind two other starters on your fantasy team. I never force quarterback selections unless there is a transcendent player and there isn't in 2020. But Herbert will be a top 10 selection and the fantasy third round is a good place to add him”

3.02 - Antonio Gibson

Ray: “If you liked Tony Pollard coming out of Memphis, you should love Antonio Gibson. Over 1100 total yards and 12 TDs on only 71 touches. I see year one impact from Gibson.”

3.03 - Anthony McFarland

Ryan: “McFarland's entire career has been about elite potential, but he's never actually reached that level, mostly due to injuries.”

3.04 - KJ Hamler

Dan: “Hamler is easily the most underrated prospect in this rookie class in my opinion. Lightning quick and silky smooth after the catch, he's a touchdown waiting to happen. Don't expect to get him in the third round as he's sure to move up draft boards once he aces his pro-day.”

3.05 - Chase Claypool

Rob: “Big. Fast. Claypool has two things going for him. I am reticent of his prototype but last I checked Jonathan Taylor was not available here.”

3.06 - Cole Kmet

George: “I have no idea who the top TE drafted will be but Kmet seems the safest. He's more receiver than blocker at this point but Kmet has the tools to become a good tight end in the NFL.”

3.07 - Donovan Peoples-Jones

Jeff: “From a top recruit out of high school to an amazing disappearing act while at Michigan, DPJ is as enigmatic as they come. He arrived in Indy for the NFL Combine and displayed everything expected as he emerged out high school, showing he still has elite athleticism. His lack of college production is troubling but something tells me this "well" is a lot deeper than what has been shown in college.”

3.08 - Lynn Bowden

Ray: No Comment Available

3.09 - Albert Okwuegbunam

Ryan: “After being sniped on my homer pick of Bowden, I went a totally different direction. Albert O shocked everyone with his Combine performance, especially in the 40. In a year with no clear top option at the position, Okwuegbunam could emerge if he comes off the board on day two.”

3.10 - Hunter Bryant

Dan: “I love that tight ends with this kind of upside are looking like they could slip into the second half of the third round. It's an ideal time for a dart throw on a developmental TE.”

3.11 - Devin Duvernay

Rob: “A Senior breakout player, Duvernay is unlikely to check a lot of boxes but he is a good athlete who was a big play machine for the Longhorns as a Senior. At this point in the draft, I think you're going for pure upside.”

3.12 - Darrynton Evans

George: “A productive small school runner made a name for himself at the NFL Combine. He has third down and kick return abilities as well, making it likely that he finds a spot on an NFL team and a role on offense.”

Looking at the third round, Anthony McFarland stands out as a worthwhile risk. He has huge potential and could be a three-down back in the right system. But it takes an NFL team to see that too. Chase Claypool and Lynn Bowden are more weapons than positional specific options. Claypool blazed at the Combine and could be seen as a move tight end or big wide receiver. Bowden has experience in the backfield and out wide as a receiver. He could be an explosive gadget option in the NFL. This is also the beginning of a tight end run as we saw three (four if you count Claypool) come off the board towards the latter half of the round. This should indicate the overall weakness and uncertainty at the position this year.

Round 4

Picks 4.01-4.12
Pick Drafter Name Pos College Team Age Height Weight
4.01 Jeff H. Brycen Hopkins TE Purdue 23 6-3 7/8 245
4.02 Ray G. Isaiah Hodgins WR Oregon State 21.4 6-3 5/8 210
4.03 Ryan M. Jordan Love QB Utah State 21.4 6-3 3/4 224
4.04 Dan M. KJ Hill WR Ohio State 22.5 5-11 7/8 196
4.05 Rob W. Lamical Perine RB Florida 22.1 5-10 3/4 216
4.06 George K. Jacob Eason QB Washington 22.3 6-5 7/8 231
4.07 Jeff H. Van Jefferson WR Florida 23.6 6-1 1/2 200
4.08 Ray G. Adam Trautman TE Dayton N/A 6-5 255
4.09 Ryan M. Joe Reed WR Virginia N/A 6-0 1/2 224
4.1 Dan M. Quintez Cephus WR Wisconsin 22 6-0 7/8 202
4.11 Rob W. Gabriel Davis WR UCF N/A 6-2 216
4.12 George K. DeeJay Dallas RB Miami 21.5 5-10 1/8 217

4.01 - Brycen Hopkins

Jeff: “Hopkins is flying under the radar and shouldn't be. He's neck and neck for the rookie TE1 with Okwuegbunam and may be the best pure "move" TE candidate in this draft class”

4.02 - Isaiah Hodgins

Ray: No Comment Available

4.03 - Jordan Love

Ryan: “While I'm not quite sold on Love as a prospect, he appears to be headed for being a first-round NFL Draft pick. That makes him easily worth a dart throw in the fourth round of rookie drafts.”

4.04 - KJ Hill

Dan: “I have a soft spot for Hill. Incredibly productive at OSU, he played much faster than he timed. He's a fourth-round dart throw but one I'm willing to take a shot on.”

4.05 Lamical Perine

Rob: “I don't know if Perine has starter upside, but I think he can stick in the league for a long-time as a reliable backup. At this point in the draft, even short-term value is a win.”

4.06 - Jacob Eason

George: “Eason has a big arm and is the type of quarterback who will get a chance based on physical tools alone. He could surprise and a team could spend a top 60 pick on him.”

4.07 - Van Jefferson

Jeff: No Comment Available

4.08 - Adam Trautman

Ray: No Comment Available

4.09 - Joe Reed

Ryan: “Confession time...Reed was not on my radar at all entering the Combine, but his solid performance there has me taking a look. His upside might be limited but he could turn into a productive slot WR in the league.”

4.10 - Quintez Cephus

Dan: “Perhaps this is a homer pick as I'm a big Wisconsin fan but there is something about Cephus' killer instinct with the ball in the air that makes me think he could develop into a useful dynasty asset down the road. His 40-time in Indy didn't help his draft stock, but he's a sleeper worth monitoring during the draft.”

4.11 - Gabriel Davis

Rob: “I think Davis has a shot! Late I want to take stabs on upside. Davis I think has it and is unheralded at this point in the draft.”

4.12 - Deejay Davis

George: “The former QB and WR turned current RB is tools and projection with limited production. He fits the current mold of offensive weapons that teams have gravitated towards and should find a role, even if it isn't a featured one.”

Everyone was focused on taking shots here based on upside talent. Jordan Love stuck out as he could be a first-round NFL Draft pick based on his big arm and other physical tools. Joe Reed and Gabriel Davis are a pair of wide receivers on my radar and Lamical Perine feels like he has been on watch lists for the past decade. The depth of the tight end position was on display too as Trautman and Hopkins both could be Day 2 selections with a clear path to playing time in the next two to three years.

That’s it for this rookie mock draft. A special thank you to my friends at Dynasty League Football. Be sure to check out their work as well.

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