The Solver: DFS Lineup Optimizer and Bankroll Tracker

4for4 has recently partnered with The Solver to give DFS subscribers access to the most powerful lineup optimizer in the industry. With 4for4's award-winning projections automatically synced with The Solver, you will be able to:

  • Build 300 Lineups at a time
  • Access the Late Swap Tool
  • Upload Custom Projections
  • Use simple and custom rules including player, groups, exposure settings, stacking, and more.

NOTE: The Solver is an UPGRADE available to existing DFS and Betting subscribers. Be sure to sign up for The Solver here, AFTER you have subscribed to 4for4 DFS or Betting plan.

What 4for4 Subscription Do I Need?

Users who have already subscribed to a 4for4 DFS or Betting plan can access automatically synced 4for4 scoring and ownership projections by upgrading to The Solver lineup generator here. Once a user has full access to The Solver through 4for4, they will also get The Solver with fully integrated floor and ceiling projections, 4for4 value scores, and top plays.


For all questions regarding The Solver, including any and all support issues, visit The Solver FAQs page.


For instructions on using The Solver lineup optimizer, bankroll tracker, advanced settings, and all other features, visit The Solver Tutorials page.

Upgrade your 4for4 DFS or Betting subscription with The Solver!