Draft Hero: Fantasy Football Draft Assistant

Never make a mistake and draft the best possible team with Draft Hero! Receive personalized draft advice updated after every pick based on 4for4's award-winning projections. Draft Hero's algorithms optimizes your entire draft (and team), you'll be able to track draft value by position throughout the draft and understand exactly which positions are trending. On draft day, you'll have access to the following:

  • Projected fantasy points (based on your scoring rules)
  • Average draft position data
  • Value based and dynamic value based metrics
  • Personalized draft recommendations after every pick
  • Projected and historical stats
  • Player durability and consistency rankings
  • Team fantasy stats, rankings and strength of schedule
  • Practice mock drafts in minutes
  • ...and much more!

What Subscription Do I Need?

All 4for4 plans come with Draft Hero and the draft assistant (data-driven recommendations on who to draft in less than three seconds):

  • Classic Subscribers can add leagues and picks manually, you do not have access to league import nor the live draft sync features. This normally costs $25, but it is included for free in your 4for4 subscription.
  • Pro, DFS and Betting Subscribers have full access and are able to automatically import all of your league's settings and the ability to sync with your draft as it happens (it will auto-cross players off). This normally costs $46, but it is included for free in your 4for4 subscription. Auction Analyzer is no longer a part of these subscriptions.

Quick-Start Guide

For those who want to get right to it, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click the red-button "Launch Draft Hero" below. If you don't see it, you either do not have a subscription or if you do, you are not logged in.
  2. Add the Draft Hero Browser Extension to enable live sync features (available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge).
  3. Open your league home page in a new browser tab.
  4. Head back to the Draft Hero Dashboard and click the "Add League" tab on the top left and you will be taken through a couple of steps to sync your league. The browser extension is the easiest and most powerful, but there are other options to sync by simply using a site template with preloaded scoring rules and roster requirements. (For a mock draft click the site you'd like to mock on, go through settings then click the "Draft App" button. Once in click "Start Mock Draft" on the top right.)
  5. Double-check your league settings, scoring, and draft spot which will all be located in the center of the screen when your league is clicked on.
  6. Once your settings are confirmed, select the "Draft App" button from the top right and get to drafting!


Please read our detailed walkthrough for more information on how to use Draft Hero or take a look at some of our video tutorials. If you still need help, please reach out via email: support@drafthero.com.

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