Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown sees time cut

Yes, Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown led the team in receiving on Sunday, with five catches. But he was on the field a lot less than he previously had been.

Emerging from the bye week, a time during which the coaching staff presumably made conscious, strategic adjustments to the offensive approach, Antonio Brown’s playing time plummeted from nearly 75 percent to below 50.

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Fantasy Impact: 

The story makes about good point about this change coming after a bye. But the team did say Brown was more of an insurance policy when they signed him.
Against the Chiefs in Week 12, Brown participated in 43 offensive snaps, which equated to 73 percent of the total plays. Against the Vikings, Brown played only 49 percent of the time on offense, taking part in 25 snaps, the story said.

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Jul 24

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