Dynasty Top 200 Rankings (January 2021)

Jan 22, 2021
Dynasty Top 200 Rankings (January 2021)

With the season completed and championships won, we turn our attention to the offseason. That means a perfect time to focus on correcting any biases that led to under or overvaluing players who performed well in 2020. It is also a reminder of how dynasty leagues value veterans, generally seeing less trade value for them in the offseason with key NFL events potentially hurting their future production and fantasy teams focusing on other means to retool their contending rosters. That won't impact these rankings but be advised that this is a time to hold or buy veteran players rather than look to sell.

I will leverage my top 200 dynasty board and give analysis along with tiers that will give a rough idea of player value. While every league and dynasty player will view a player’s value differently, it should represent a guide for dynasty players to work from as they think about their existing rosters and how to approach the offseason and potential trades or cuts.

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*Rankings Last Updated on January 31st, 2021.

Tier 1

1. Christian McCaffrey (RB1)

2. Alvin Kamara (RB2)

3. DK Metcalf (WR1)

4. Saquon Barkley (RB3)

The first tier is the same with Barkley hanging by a thread. He needs a good offseason that involves continued rehabilitation and offensive improvement around him. The price remains around three random first-round picks being the initial cost (could take four or even five random first-round picks worth of value) to acquire one of these players.

Tier 2

5. Tyreek Hill (WR2)

6. Josh Jacobs (RB4)

7. A.J. Brown (WR3)

8. Jonathan Taylor (RB5)

9. Justin Jefferson (WR4)

10. Dalvin Cook (RB6)

11. J.K. Dobbins (RB7)

12. Davante Adams (WR5)

13. CeeDee Lamb (WR6)

14. D'Andre Swift (RB8)

15. Nick Chubb (RB9)

16. Derrick Henry (RB10)

17. Chris Godwin (WR7)

18. Miles Sanders (RB11)

19. Stefon Diggs (WR8)

The second tier has shrunk, featuring four fewer players, although a few have risen in the past month. A guy who has already benefitted from the offseason is J.K. Dobbins, who saw the release of Mark Ingram, which hopefully will turn his strong second half into a top tier 2021. Payment is high with multiple first-round picks needed here, even with the strong rookie class this year.

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