NFLN legal analyst: 'Still a long shot' that Ezekiel Elliott gets his temporary restraining order

More on Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott's pending restraining order...

NFL Network legal analyst Gabe Feldman: “We learned that Zeke had a better chance I think most people anticipated. It’s very rare for a judge to grant a temporary restraining order injunction, particularly to interfere with an arbitration process and the league’s internal investigation. But based on the questioning he asked which was particularly hard on the league, wondering why they made certain decisions, raising some points that highlighted and really strengthened and affirmed some of the arguments that Zeke has made about the fundamental unfairness of the process. So he certainly seems to have a better shot than we anticipated, but it’s still a long shot to get this injunction to get an order that would allow him to stay on the field after Week 1.”

If Elliott get good news on Friday, the NFL could appeal immediately to the Fifth Circuit Court asking for an emergency stay to block the injunction and reinstate the suspension. Or the league could elect to let the case wind its way through the court system, which would allow Elliott to play out the season.

Fantasy Impact: 

There are varying opinions about Elliott's chances of playing a full season while he fights the suspension in court. The momentum seems to be on his side, but Feldman throws some cold water on those prospects by saying that "it's still a long shot" for Elliott to get a favorable ruling this week. Stay tuned.

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