Defenses will attack the QB in read-option

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There's a belief among many people in NFL circles that running quarterbacks will pay the price this season, more than they did last fall, against defenses that are not going to be as tentative and under-prepared. That's a potential problem for the league.

"Every guy I've talked to is going to go after the quarterback," said Hall of Fame coach John Madden, co-chairman of the NFL's safety committee. "That's going to be their answer. If you watch what they did last year, a lot of guys played the quarterback. If he pitches, get off him. If he keeps it, tackle him. Now, they're just going to go after him whether he pitches or not."

When a quarterback tucks the ball and runs upfield, he becomes a running back and therefore loses the generous protection afforded quarterbacks in terms of when and how they can be hit. It's an ominous loophole.

Fantasy Impact: 

Those fantasy owners with Robert Griffin III, Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson should be aware in this shift in strategy from the defensive side of the ball.

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