Westbrook Eyes Return This Season

Despite suffering two concussions within a span of a month, Brian Westbrook has every intention of playing football again. This season, in fact.

"That's my hope, to get back out there and play," Westbrook said Wednesday in his first press conference since suffering his second concussion at San Diego on Nov. 15. "I think all the signs right now are aiming towards being able to play before the end of the season."

Westbrook ran with the scout team in practice Wednesday. It is the next step in a gradual recovery process that is being closely monitored by team medical staff as well as specialists in Pittsburgh.

Westbrook, appearing on HBO's Joe Buck Live from New York University Tuesday night, said he was "really scared" about his future in football.

Westbrook clarified that remark Wednesday.

"I'm more concerned about how things will happen for me in the future, how having concussions now will affect me 20-30 years from now," Westbrook said. "I'm not scared to play the game of football, but I'm concerned that things that are happening now within the game of football -- concussions, head injuries, things like that -- can really affect my life as far down the road as 30, 40 50 years. That really concerns me."

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