Steelers Beat: WR Chase Claypool miscast in Week 3 role

With Diontae Johnson missing the game because of a knee injury, it left the Steelers without their best after-the-catch threat. In his absence, the Steelers decided to plug Chase Claypool into the role.

It was akin to trying to fit the proverbial square peg into a round hole. Although Claypool was targeted 15 times and had nine catches for 96 yards, he was miscast in the role.

Fantasy Impact: 

The story said Claypool’s specialty is using his size and length to make catches down the field. The Steelers like to get him in one-on-one matchups and hope that Claypool can, at worst, draw a pass interference penalty from cornerbacks. Running quick slants, breaking tackles or trying to make defenders whiff after the catch is not part of Claypool’s repertoire, the story added. There was no update on Johnson's knee injury in the story.

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