Revis looking to make $162 million over 10 years

Well, isn't this getting interesting?

While Darrelle Revis continues to hold out in a show of defiance over his contract situation, the Jets are handing out handsome sums to other players deemed almost equally important to their long-term success.

First, tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson quietly agreed to a six-year, $60-million extension. Now, center Nick Mangold is on the verge of cashing in.

A league source familiar with the Jets ' situation confirmed to Newsday last night that a long-term extension for Mangold was imminent. News of it was first reported by It is expected to at least equal the five-year, $37.5-million deal signed last year by Rams center Jason Brown .

And Revis? Tick, tick, tick.

There was a buzz late Sunday afternoon when Dallas Morning News columnist Tim Cowlishaw, a regular panelist on ESPN 's "Around the Horn," wrote on his Twitter account that the Jets and Revis will announce an agreement as early as Wednesday. But a league source told me late Sunday that the speculation was inaccurate. I'm led to believe there has been little progress in the Revis talks.

Which makes you wonder if Revis is beginning to overplay his hand. With three years left on his deal and the Jets offering as much as $122 million over 10 years - you read right, $122 million over 10 years - he is demanding $162 million over 10 years, according to NFL sources.

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