Browns players expect Josh Gordon to step right in

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WR Josh Gordon’s arrival couldn’t come at a better time for Cleveland, which hasn’t scored more than three touchdowns in a game since Oct. 12, and badly needs a psychological boost after its run of major injuries.

“I don’t know if you can just walk back in and be functional, but that’s something we’ll see and plan accordingly around,” HC Mike Pettine cautioned. “(Josh) has missed around 75 to 80 days and 10 games and a preseason game, which is a significant amount of time not having contact and being apart.”

Austin, though, has no such concerns, saying he expects Gordon “to come in and hop right on board.”

Nor does QB Brian Hoyer, who plans on getting the NFL receiving yards champion back in the groove immediately. While Gordon can’t cure all of the team’s ills by himself, he can be a difference-maker over the final six games.

Fantasy Impact: 

While Pettine seemed a little more reserved about it, the players think Gordon will have an immediate impact. With defenses having to pay attention, it could very well help the Browns running game. But it sounds like Hoyer wants to get Gordon involved right away, and who can blame him for that. We'll see where Gordon stands when our rankings come out later this week, but for owners who have kept him all this time, it's going to be tough not to get him in lineups in a juicy matchup against the Falcons.

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