The Training Room: Week 3 Injury Recap

Sep 25, 2023
The Training Room: Week 3 Injury Recap

Derek Carr, QB New Orleans Saints

Injury: Right Shoulder Injury

Projected Timetable: Week 5-8

Initial Thoughts:

Carr was thrown down onto his right side while being sacked, likely suffering a right AC sprain and/or SC joint sprain. Notably, he was taken to the hospital for monitoring, which typically only occurs for SC sprains to ensure there was no posterior dislocation towards his aortic artery. However, reporting suggests that it is just an AC sprain. Given this is to his throwing shoulder, I will not be surprised if he is out for 2-3 weeks minimum, with the possibility that the Saints place him on IR for a return in Week 8. The Saints bye Week 11 should not be in play in the decision making here for the Saints.

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Patrick Mahomes, QB Kansas City Chiefs

Injury: Right Inversion Ankle Sprain

Projected Timetable: Week 4-5

Initial Thoughts:

This should simply be a “monitor” situation, as I do not expect this to cost Mahomes any game time. He suffered what appeared to be a right inversion low ankle sprain that he was able to continue playing through. I will not be surprised if he is a Did Not Participate or Limited Participant for the first day of practice this coming week. He likely plays in Week 4.

Jimmy Garoppolo, QB Las Vegas Raiders

Injury: Left Ankle Sprain/Concussion

Projected Timetable: Week 4-5

Initial Thoughts:

In a similar fashion to Mahomes, I am chalking this one up to a “monitor” situation for Garoppolo, who appeared to suffer a (near) left high ankle sprain. He was able to jog into the locker room for half time and returned to the game, so this either was not a high ankle sprain or was very mild to the extent that he could play the rest of the game. It will likely be hurting and swelling today and tomorrow, so monitor his status for this coming week. My guess is he will play in Week 4.

Note: A report just surfaced that he is also being screened for a concussion post-game. Keep an eye on the news on him.

Gus Edwards, RB Baltimore Ravens

Injury: Concussion Screening

Projected Timetable: Week 4-5

Initial Thoughts:

Edwards was listed as questionable while being screened for a concussion, but no other information was released after that. Monitor his status today to see if the Ravens place him in the concussion protocol. If they do, he will need to clear all stages in order to play in Week 4.

Mike Williams, WR Los Angeles Chargers

Injury: Left Knee, Concern for ACL+

Projected Timetable: TBD/Season-Ending

Initial Thoughts:

It appeared that Williams' left knee buckled as he planted hard to change direction. He then required attention from trainers on the field as he braced his left knee, eventually limping off with help. He was also seen leaving the locker room on a cart with his left knee in a brace and will be getting an MRI on Monday to determine the extent of the injury. In the best case scenario, he suffered a significant bone bruise. I do not think he got that lucky, as I believe there is significant concern that he suffered a torn ACL. We should hear more today. Of note after he went out, Joshua Palmer ran 10 routes (tied with Keenan Allen) while Quentin Johnston only ran 3.

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Calvin Ridley, WR Jacksonville Jaguars

Injury: Right Knee

Projected Timetable: Week 4

Initial Thoughts:

Another “monitor” situation after Ridley took a hard shot to his right knee, forcing it inwards in a mechanism that would typically strain the MCL. He did grasp his knee, but returned after missing a few snaps and played the rest of the game. Monitor his practice status over the next week. Hopefully, he can get back to his Week 1 ways soon.

Jonathan Mingo, WR Carolina Panthers

Injury: Concussion

Projected Timetable: Week 4-5

Initial Thoughts:

Mingo will likely be placed in the concussion protocol tomorrow and will have to clear all stages of the protocol in order to play in Week 4.

Stefon Diggs, WR Buffalo Bills

Injury: Left Wrist

Projected Timetable: Week 4/TBD

Initial Thoughts:

Yet another “monitor” situation after Diggs fell hard onto his left wrist, similar to how Jaxon Smith-Njigba fell, and was noticeably in pain. He returned and played the rest of the game, so this may not be an issue, but we did learn with Njigba the following day that he suffered a fracture. Thus, monitor the situation and hope for the best in that it was just a mild sprain.

Rashod Bateman, WR Baltimore Ravens

Injury: Hamstring Strain

Projected Timetable: Week 4-TBD

Initial Thoughts:

Bateman told reporters post-game that his hamstring tightened up on him and that is why he was not on the field in overtime. This is notable considering he was already attempting to return from his Lisfranc repair and has been eased in snap percentage-wise. Monitor his status, this may be a minor setback in his year one return.

Deebo Samuel, WR San Francisco 49ers

Injury: Ribs

Projected Timetable: Week 4

Initial Thoughts:

Samuel was dealing with sore ribs after the Thursday night game but imaging showed no fractures. He should be able to play through rib bruises with 10 days of rest from the last game to Week 4.

Injury Tracker 2023
Player Position Team Injury Week of Injury Projected Return
Joe Burrow QB CIN Calf strain *reinjury* Week 2 Week 3-4
Saquon Barkley RB NYG Ankle sprain Week 2 Week 4-5
Cooper Kupp WR LAR Hamstring strain 8/1 and 8/30 Week 5
Brandon Aiyuk WR SF Left AC Sprain Week 2 Week 4
Jaylen Waddle WR MIA Concussion Week 2 Week 4
Austin Ekeler RB LAC High Ankle Sprain Week 2 Week 6
David Montgomery RB DET Quad Strain Week 2 Week 5
Christian Watson WR GB Hamstring Strain Week 2 Week 4
Odell Beckham WR BAL Ankle reinjury Week 2 Week 3-5
Aaron Jones RB GB Hamstring Week 1 Week 4
Logan Thomas TE WAS Concussion Week 2 Week 4-5
Anthony Richardson QB IND Concussion Week 2 Week 4
Mike Williams WR LAC Left Knee Week 3 Season-Ending
Diontae Johnson WR PIT Hamstring strain Week 1 Week 4-5
Derek Carr QB NOS Right Shoulder Week 3 Week 5-8
Gus Edwards RB BAL Concussion Week 3 Week 4-5
Jonathan Mingo WR CAR Concussion Week 3 Week 4-5
Rashod Bateman WR BAL Hamstring Strain Week 3 Week 4-6
Justice Hill RB BAL Turf Toe Week 2 Week 5-6
Bryce Young QB CAR Ankle Sprain Week 2 Week 5-6
Zay Jones WR JAX Knee Sprain Week 2 Reinjury Week 4-6

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