2023 Dynasty Rookie Two-Round Mock Draft

Feb 08, 2023
2023 Dynasty Rookie Two-Round Mock Draft

Most recently I covered the 2023 rookie class with my dynasty rookie draft first look, top-10 rookie running backs, and top-10 rookie wide receivers. With those in my rear-view mirror, I’m ready to lead out with my first two-round dynasty rookie mock draft. Of course, quarterbacks and tight ends will also factor and while I haven’t yet broken down the depth of either position in article form, you can still see how I rank these players, along with all others here on DLF!

I highly recommend checking out the linked articles above to get a better idea about my thoughts on the depth of this rookie class as well as my early rankings as I continue to scout the players. There’s a long way to go before the NFL Draft and my rankings are certain to change. In my next article, I’ll be looking at my draft strategy from different selection points to help you navigate your own rookie draft(s). Stay tuned!

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For this rookie mock, I’m using a 1 PPR non-Superflex format but, to address the quarterback values for you Superflex players, I will provide a section following the draft of where I would insert them. With four quarterbacks certain to be first-round NFL Draft selections, it’s not a difficult exercise.

Two things before moving on:

Please follow me on Twitter: @DLF_Jeff. I always try to answer every question.

I perform multiple rounds of assessment so values and rankings will change over time!

Now, let’s get to my two-round 2023 dynasty rookie mock draft!

Round 1

1.01 Bijan Robinson, RB Texas

Robinson will be the easy choice, almost regardless of drafted situation. That said, there are premium locations (PHI, BUF, and CAR) I would like to see, while role-risk situations (DET, LAC, MIN, and DAL) concern me. Ultimately, he’s too talented not to be selected 1.01 in nearly every dynasty rookie draft.

1.02 Jahmyr Gibbs, RB Alabama

Drafted situation will play a big role in the 1.02 selection but, as it stands, I’m comfortable with Gibbs here. He has fine upside, and three-down potential, though in a slightly undersized package, but possesses NFL comps to feel good about. This is more of a selection due to my lack of conviction with the receiver class.

1.03 Quentin Johnston, WR TCU

I’ve mentioned previously that my ranking of Johnston as my top receiver surprises even me. After watching his tape and comparing his upside with other receivers in this class, I’m willing to draft his risk-on elements when compared to his ceiling potential at the next level. He’s long, athletic, has quick feet for his size, and is dangerous after the catch. Dominator metric fans won’t be on Johnston’s bandwagon, however.

1.04 Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR Ohio State

If not for a nagging hamstring injury, Smith-Njigba (JSN) would likely have been my top receiver in this year’s class. He’s crafty in his routes like most OSU receivers and possesses enough size to be physical at the catch-point. He’s a nuanced receiver who understands the position, using intelligence to make up for any shortcoming of speed. He’s not slow, but his calling card is not his long speed and I don’t expect to see his game rely on stacking defenders.

1.05 Jordan Addison, WR USC

I’m on record as saying Addison may be my toughest evaluation for all first-round potential players in this class. On one hand, he’s a fluid, natural and intelligent route-runner who knows how to get open and has the collegiate production to show for it. On the other hand, he’s undersized, hasn’t faced enough press coverage to convince me he can win off the line of scrimmage routinely, and he’s missing the ”it” factor I like to see. He doesn’t leap off the page for me. He reminds me a lot of Dede Westbrook.

1.06 Sean Tucker, RB Syracuse

The 1.06 selection marks the first significant pivot point in this year’s dynasty rookie draft. There’s a lot to like about Tucker as a runner and he possesses legitimate track speed while also having plus-level hands as a receiver. He comps to a faster Miles Sanders when he was drafted out of Penn State. Drafted situation will be key for Tucker as is the case for most running backs.

1.07 Kendre Miller, RB TCU

Miller continues to fly below the radar and I’m much higher than most draft analysts. He possesses size, runs angry, and has power and pad level to produce. He profiles much better to the next level than most give him credit for, and I’d love to see him drafted to a good NFL team with a good offensive line late in the second round

1.08 Michael Mayer, TE Notre Dame

Anyone familiar with my scouting and grading understands I’m not keen on drafting tight ends highly in dynasty rookie drafts. The position is a minefield and most top-producing fantasy tight ends do not come from the NFL first round. But that’s not to say there aren’t upside prospects such as T.J. Hockenson and Kyle Pitts who were worthy of first-round grades. Mayer is a legitimate first-round talent and should produce well at the next level. If pressed, I like his profile as much as Pitts and slightly less than Hockenson's. If you have a need at the position, he’s a value selection in the bottom third of the first round.

1.09 Zay Flowers, WR Boston College

If Flowers was 6’1” instead of an assessed 5’9”, he could be my top receiver in this class. He runs an NFL route tree, is fluid, and possesses a quick release and natural hands. His route quickness and intelligence at all depths are impressive for a rookie. He’ll be an NFL first-round selection and a steal anywhere near the bottom of the rookie first-round.

1.10 Zach Charbonnet, RB UCLA

Charbonnet is going to have a wide band of selection in rookie drafts. He doesn’t possess the speed to impress but profiles as a carry-the-load, three-down potential, option. He doesn’t have phone-booth agility or tremendous first-step quickness or acceleration but he’s built for the NFL both in size and skill set. He’s gifted as a one-cut runner with hands to be a weapon in the flat and on screens. He reminds me a lot of James Conner.

1.11 Devon Achane, RB Texas A&M

The 1.11 in dynasty drafts represents my next pivot point for talent, risk, and trade value.

I wasn’t prepared for Devon Achane to appear in my first-round mock draft, primarily due to the listed size (5’9/185). Too few backs emerge from that size profile to be difference-makers in fantasy. But what I’ve seen on tape leads me to believe he could be an exception, especially if he can add 10-15 pounds at the next level. He possesses the speed, agility, and hips to be a threat with the ball in his hands but he shows a willingness and ability to produce inside the tackles as well. Not many backs break out from his size, but he has everything else. At the end of the first round in dynasty drafts, why not swing for the fences?

1.12 Kayshon Boutte, WR LSU

It was a poor season for Boutte and he’s a good bet to fall on my rankings as I continue my nuance scouting. At the same time, he possesses some pedigree and upside from LSU which produced Justin Jefferson and Ja'Marr Chase. I’m having difficulty finding enough dynamics to be confident in this ranking. I’d prefer to draft him a few spots below this selection.

Round 2

2.01 Rashee Rice, WR SMU

Rice plays like a receiver out of the SEC or ACC but loses points for competition at SMU. He scouts and profiles better than SMU alumn Courtland Sutton who I was not extremely high on. Rice could rise on my board as a blend of speed, physicality, and catch radius. There’s a lot to like and he’d be much higher if he played in a power five conference.

2.02 Josh Downs, WR North Carolina

Downs profiles similarly in size and style to that of Zay Flowers above, but loses points in the finer areas of the position. He plays with a chip on his shoulder but doesn’t possess the same route tree experience or intelligence that Flowers does. He also has seen virtually zero press coverage. He’ll have upside and is an intriguing value-add early in the second round.

2.03 Tank Bigsby, RB Auburn

Bigsby is a difficult projection to the NFL and he’s a candidate to slip in my rankings. I believe he’ll drop in the NFL Draft due to lack of dynamics but he’s a back who has enough to take advantage of opportunities when provided. I’d prefer to let another coach draft him.

2.04 Zach Evans, RB Mississippi

I wanted to see a lot more than I did when scouting Evans and I have another round of review coming up. It became clear why he wasn’t featured more in Mississippi’s offense but, in his defense, he produced with his carries. I’m lower than most on Evans which means he’ll be selected higher than this ranking in most dynasty rookie drafts.

2.05 Cedric Tillman, WR Tennessee

I’m a sucker for receivers with size and, if not for a suspect injury history, route tree, and age, Tillman would be higher on this list. His upside could comp to Mike Williams provides some intrigue, but he’s a risk-on addition who will need time at the next level.

2.06 Bryce Young, QB Alabama

If Young stood even 6’2”, he’d be an elite selection. He may measure less than 5’11” and when combined with his weight, will give teams pause. But in leadership, awareness, mobility, and arm strength, there’s enough to make him the top selection at the position without question.

2.07 C.J. Stroud, QB Ohio State

What Young above doesn’t possess, Stroud does. At the same time, Stroud’s off-script potential continues to be the talking point when combined with questions about his willingness to use his mobility. That all said, it won’t surprise me if Stroud is the best quarterback from this class in five years.

2.08 Chase Brown, RB Illinois

Brown isn’t elite in any one area but is a productive runner who should have every opportunity to have a long NFL career. Patience will be needed and his career path could resemble that of Carolina’s Chuba Hubbard.

2.09 Roschon Johnson, RB Texas

Johnson played behind phenom Bijan Robinson and looked the part in limited work. He’s going to rise on my rankings and he has the look of a steal anywhere after the middle of the second round in rookie drafts. He has size, work ethic, and enough speed to produce immediately in the NFL.

2.10 Kenny McIntosh, RB Georgia

Just one more in this deep class of running backs. McIntosh profiles as a three-down potential option if desired, but he’s an older senior and never saw more than 150 carries in his time at Georgia. He’s a candidate to blow up the Combine as a workout warrior.

2.11 Israel Abanikanda, RB Pittsburgh

Abanikanda remains one of my top sleepers from this class. While not elite in any one area, he possesses a broad skill set that NFL teams will notice. He may not be selected until after the fourth round, but in today’s NFL, that’s not a knock against his talent.

2.12 Will Levis, QB Kentucky

The top quarterbacks in this class all profile differently. Levis has a cannon for an arm, enough mobility to escape pressure, and the prototypical size the NFL loves. He didn’t stuff the stat sheet but he’s accurate and possesses a high ceiling. It won’t surprise me if Levis is the top passer in this class in five years.

Superflex Format

As promised, here are my current rankings within the Superflex format. As mentioned previously, each of the top four NFL first-round quarterbacks presents differently. As such, dynasty coaches may have a difficult time slotting the quarterbacks with any level of confidence. Simply slide these names into the noted slot, moving existing players down.

1.02 Bryce Young, QB Alabama

Drafted situation may move me off Young for Stroud, but not likely. I don’t care for his size but it’s no longer enough to keep him out of contention for the 1.01 in the NFL Draft.

1.04 C.J. Stroud, QB Ohio State

He’s very close to Young on my board and if had a need at the position, I’d select him without much thought.

1.06 Will Levis, QB Kentucky

Some comp him to Josh Allen while I’m closer to an upside Drew Lock. The range is too wide for the level of confidence I like, hence my lower ranking. But I wouldn’t let him fall much past this selection if I needed a potential starter addition to my squad.

1.09 Anthony Richardson, QB Florida

Truth be told, I could be convinced to select Richardson at 1.05 or 1.06 just purely based on intrigue, mobility, and upside. He’s a true specimen but very, very raw. This is a swing for the fence selection so the later you can get him, the better.

I hope you found this rookie mock draft informational. With the NFL Combine on the horizon later this month, player rankings will be on the move, and I’ll be sure to perform another mock draft in its wake. Give me a follow on Twitter (@DLF_Jeff) and let me know your thoughts on this list. Be sure to check back as I adjust these ranks as this offseason progresses leading up to the draft.

As always, be happy, be well and, please, be good to each other!

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