DraftKings Week 11 Cash Game Picks and Strategy

Nov 19, 2020
DraftKings Week 11 Cash Game Picks and Strategy

Below you'll find my Week 11 DraftKings cash game picks and strategy. By offering a general approach to the week, along with a player pool to consider, you should walk away feeling well-equipped no matter your bankroll strategy or game selection process.

In general, my cash game strategy revolves around the running back position. My main focus is to roster three running backs with workhorse-type roles that simultaneously allow me to build a high-floor lineup at the other positions. Certain weeks, we'll be able to jam in multiple high-priced running backs because of the value that presents itself at quarterback, wide receiver and tight end.

Other weeks we may have to dip into the mid-range at running back because value hasn't emerged at the other positions. Because quarterback is a position with a narrower range of outcomes, it often makes sense to pay down for a signal-caller. As always it will depend on the makeup of the entire lineup, but I'll usually favor spending down at quarterback.

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I'm not opposed to paying up at wide receiver or tight end if the constraints of the week dictate that it's the most prudent lineup construction. However, with the propensity to allot the most salary to the running back position, I usually attempt to roster the most targets per dollar at wide receiver. It often results in rostering mid-tier wide receivers and tight ends. Given the volatility and variance week-to-week in pass-catchers, it makes sense to not use a ton of salary there as a general rule of thumb. Defense/special teams usually comes down to the cheapest defense with a respectable matchup and a relatively high sack rate, as pressure is what creates the plays defenses need to score fantasy points.

UPDATE (Sunday 10:15am):

  • Taysom Hill is the top play at quarterback now that he will be the starter at $4,800. He's more in play than he would be on any other slate because there isn't a 40-point stud on the slate. Russ, Kyler, Mahomes, Allen are all off the main slate. Lamar is in play but hasn't been that massive ceiling guy this year. So we aren't sacrificing a massive ceiling.
  • T.J. Hockenson moves to one of my favorite targets because of the absence of Kenny Golladay, but even more so because Danny Amendola is out. He could soak up some of those short-to-intermediate routes.
  • I replaced Julio Jones with Davante Adams on the cheat sheet with the return of Calvin Ridley. Adams has one of the tougher matchups on the slate, but with things opening up with Hill there is room now to fit him in and he's a double digit target stud every week. With Marson Lattimore out, Julio is still in play, but not my favorite in that range.
  • Adrian Peterson is now in play as the starting running back at min price. I don't think he's an absolute must, but he is much needed salary relief if you want to get stars/scrubs.


The first player that jumped out to me, even before looking at our value rankings, was Joe Burrow ($5,500). I was glad to see that John Paulsen's projections validated that initial reaction. Burrow has had two average weeks in a row against the Titans and Steelers. However, he's been a stud this season and should be about $1,000 more expensive in this matchup. The slate doesn't have one of the "40 spot" quarterbacks that we've been targeting this season like Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, Josh Allen, or Patrick Mahomes. Because those quarterbacks aren't on this slate, it's okay to pay down at the position.

To this point in the season, Burrow has shown the ability to torch below average opponents, though he has struggled a bit against good defenses like the Steelers and Ravens. Washington ranks 17th in aFPA to quarterbacks, but it's not a matchup I'm necessarily afraid to roster a player against. The Bengals play fast, so Burrow should have the opportunities to get the ball in the end zone. He even kind of checks the box of a "mobile quarterback". The Bengals don't design a lot of runs for him, but he's been able to tack on more than three fantasy points on average.

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