Broncos think WR Jerry Jeudy has right make-up despite drops

Vic Fangio said that Jerry Jeudy has “proven he has good hands” over the course of the season and that Sunday’s game can spur him to do more on the mental side to avoid dropping passes in the future.

“Yes, I do think he’s got the right make-up,” Fangio said, via Ryan O’Halloran of the Denver Post. “When I [said] it’s a ‘defining moment,’ sometimes a guy drops a pass here and there, but he had a few of them and I think he’ll learn a lot from that and that the focus needs to be on catching the ball before anything else happens, regardless of whether you’re in traffic or not. I think he’ll come out a better receiver for this.”

Fantasy Impact: 

Jeudy called his five drops in Sunday’s loss to the Chargers “unacceptable” and Fangio said that the game “could be a defining moment” in the first-round pick’s career. But as you can see above, he altered his comments a bit and he and the team still stands behind him. As the story added, with only one game left this season, it likely won't be enough time to get a real feel for Jeudy going into next season.

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