Saints Beat: Mark Ingram fumbles could open door for Alvin Kamara

Sean Payton loves and trusts Mark Ingram, as evidenced by the Saints’ decision to ship Adrian Peterson out of town earlier this month.

However, there is one thing that could block Ingram’s path to redemption. Or, rather, one rookie running back Payton also has developed a love and trust in: Alvin Kamara.

Fantasy Impact: 

Kamara finished out the game after Ingram fumbled twice in the fourth quarter. But the story said Payton knows he's going to need Ingram if the Saints are going to make a playoff run. However, one more thing the story pointed out was how Ingram's two fumbles in last year's loss to Kansas City opened the door for more work for Tim Hightower over the next few weeks before Ingram eventually re-established himself as the lead man.

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