Patriots Beat: Team can afford to keep QB Cam Newton

In 2021, the Patriots are projected to have about $65 million in cap space if the salary cap is $175 million. That’s the third-most space in the league, but it doesn’t account for pending decisions on Dont’a Hightower, Marcus Cannon and Patrick Chung, who opted out this season and could reassess their futures next year.

Either way, the Patriots will have plenty of money to pay Cam Newton. But how much would they be willing to spend? Last August, the Patriots offered Tom Brady a two-year, $53 million contract and were willing to listen to his counterproposals in February and March, though he never made one. So the Patriots have accounted for having that type of contract on the books for a quarterback.

Fantasy Impact: 

The story said it seems most likely the two sides would come together after the season. The story also went on to say Newton turns 32 on May 11, so he won’t be setting the market or negotiating in the same ballpark as Patrick Mahomes (10-year, $450 million extension in July), Deshaun Watson (four-year, $156 million extension this month) or even Dak Prescott, whenever his new deal materializes. At least for now, Newton and the Patriots seem like a good fit.

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