Henry Ruggs will start in the slot

According to Las Vegas Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson, rookie wide receiver Henry Ruggs will start the season in the slot.

Fantasy Impact: 

This is potentially value draining news for Hunter Renfrow, but is huge news for Henry Ruggs. Already a mismatch on the outside due to his blazing speed, Ruggs should absolutely terrorize defenses on his slot snaps. Ruggs is familiar with the slot, playing 218 snaps there in his final two seasons at Alabama, a number that could have been higher if he was not rotating snaps with three other first round talents at wideout. Ruggs will not be lining up exclusively in the slot, as Olson remarked that the goal is to be able to move ‘all of them around to different spots; the one, two or three position at the wide receiver’. This news is also a boost to Bryan Edwards’ fantasy value, as he is the receiver most likely to take outside snaps when Ruggs moves to the inside. Hunter Renfow, our 103rd ranked receiver prior to this news, is now more of an extremely deep best ball flier at best.

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Sep 25

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