Fantasy Football QB SBFFC Draft Rankings

Last update . Jun 21 . 05:57 PM EDT
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#PlayerTMBYEFF PtsADP12ADP10↑↓GCDIFCompAttPaYdsPassingPaTDINTPa1DRuAttRuYdsRushingRuTDRu1DFum
1Josh AllenBUF124162.093.0110331507388129.316.0186.91325937.438.63
2Jalen HurtsPHI53913.043.0820331500384120.712.1185.513757611.937.53
3Patrick MahomesKC63853.074.0130394590437830.314.0213.8793751.324.43
4Lamar JacksonBAL143743.124.0640294442345424.79.8166.21427983.552.03
5C.J. StroudHOU143684.115.0750339518446626.97.0209.1411823.311.83
6Dak PrescottDAL73616.037.0382374553429329.315.1207.9502211.514.43
7Joe BurrowCIN123605.116.0970387573417028.712.2205.3822422.115.73
8Brock PurdySF93598.069.10113305439424430.512.6196.4391441.09.42
9Anthony Richardson IND143575.036.016-3307516352521.67.7170.71085606.836.53
10Jordan LoveGB103547.028.04100345544384127.911.0187.5422483.616.13

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What is a QB in Fantasy Football?

The quarterback is the player who lines up behind the center. They are the most important player on their NFL team. They are responsible for communicating with the head coach, audibling at the line of scrimmage, and getting everyone in the right spot. There is no more crucial position in all of sports. In years past, fantasy managers have largely decided to wait on this position because of how many quality passers there in the league, but with the increase in how many quarterbacks can run, the elite guys on top are becoming more and more valuable because they possess week-winning upside.

Who is the best Fantasy QB?

Josh Allen is largely viewed as the best passer in fantasy football. He has the most overall talent in regards to his ability as a pocket passer and his rushing skillset. He is set to once again lead one of the most explosive offenses in the league and has been the No. 1 fantasy quarterback in back-to-back seasons.

How important is a QB in fantasy?

The quarterback position had been devalued in the past and fantasy managers have often been told to wait on the position because there are so many quality players to choose from. However, in recent seasons, the elite quarterbacks have such a high ceiling that it's becoming more reasonable to target some of these elite passers. Guys like Allen, Herbert, Mahomes, Murray, and Jackson offer weekly upside of 35+ and those types of performances can easily sway fantasy contests.

Should you have 2QBs in fantasy?

It all depends on who your starter is. If you've used a premium draft pick on one of the top five passers in fantasy football, it may not be necessary to roster two quarterbacks. However, without rostering one of these passers, it makes sense for fantasy managers to target a high-upside passer, such as Justin Fields because of his elite rushing ability. The bench is for upgrading our starting lineup. That can come in many different ways.

Are 2QB and Superflex Leagues Different?

There is a difference between two-quarterback leagues and Superflex leagues. In 2 quarterback leagues, fantasy managers are required to start two quarterbacks each week. In Superflex leagues, you'll be required to start one quarterback. The option to start two quarterbacks is always there and most often, it'll make sense to start two quarterbacks, but it is not a requirement. Fantasy managers can start any other positional player in their superflex spot, which also includes a second quarterback.

What is Streaming QB?

Streaming quarterbacks is the practice of using a new quarterback in your starting lineup on a weekly basis. This practice tends to involve playing the right matchups and looking at which defenses typically struggle to slow down quarterbacks. Other things fantasy managers should look for when streaming the position are games with a high implied point total.

What Should I look for when drafting a QB?

There are several things to consider when looking at quarterbacks. To determine just what their ceiling is, fantasy managers will need to look at how many rushing attempts they have and what their skill set is on the ground. If they're not rushing quarterbacks, it's important to consider the pace of play of their offenses, how many pass attempts they'll have, the talents of their pass catchers, offensive line, and coaching staff.

When Should I Draft a QB?

In one quarterback leagues, fantasy managers shouldn't be looking to draft a quarterback until at least round five. The first four rounds offer so many quality positional players, that it's hard to pass on these options for a quarterback because as great as the elite passers are, there still are plenty of quality options. Once you enter round five, fantasy managers can begin considering drafting some of the top-six passers. This includes Allen, Herbert, Mahomes, Jackson, Murray, and Hurts. If you miss out on these signal-callers, fantasy managers shouldn't be afraid to wait on the position for a while before finally drafting someone like Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr, or Kirk Cousins. These three players provide a safe floor and a cheaper draft cost. If taking this route, it makes sense to then target some later passers such as Justin Fields who is a konami code passer and presents significant upside. In Superflex and two quarterback leagues, their value grows immensely. Fantasy managers will need to be prepared to use first and second-round draft picks for the elite quarterbacks. If it's a 6-point passing touchdown league, this can be a viable strategy because they are the most valuable position.

M/U = 4for4 matchup ranking (Schedule-Adjusted Fantasy Points Allowed). 1 = Worst Matchup, 32 = Best Matchup