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What is a Defense in Fantasy Football?

In fantasy football, a team defense consists of a team's defensive and special team units. They score points by limiting points and yards. Another manner in which they acquire points is by getting sacks and interceptions. A defensive touchdown is worth six points. In addition to the points acquired on defense, a team's special teams can also score points by blocking punts and fields, as well as returning kickoffs and punts for touchdowns.

What are some of the best Fantasy Defenses for this Season?

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of year-to-year turnover when it comes to defenses, so in some regard, fantasy managers are flying blind when it comes to defenses. The Bills look to have one of the better defenses for 2022. In a division with the Jets, Dolphins, and Patriots, they should also be afforded many positive matchups. The Buccaneers and the Packers also stand out as two other squads that have some of the most talent on their defenses.

How do I Stream defenses?

Streaming defenses is all about playing the matchups. You'll need to pay attention to the kind of offense they're going up against. It's also important to pay attention to the quarterback and offensive line of the opposing team. A bad quarterback can lead to a lot of turnovers or a team having to play catch-up. This creates more opportunities for sacks and interceptions. A bad offensive line can create more chances for sacks and turnovers. Fantasy managers should be cautious of games with high implied point totals.

Do I need more than one defense on my roster?

Because defenses do not tend to score as many points as quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers, there's no need to roster more than 1 fantasy defense.

What Should I Look for in a Fantasy Defense?

Fantasy managers should look for a defense that has a lot of playmakers. You should look for defenses that have the potential to rack up sacks and turnovers. Fantasy managers should also pay attention to their division and what kind of matchups they'll be facing.

Do punt and kick Returns Count for Defenses in Fantasy Football?

This is typically league specific. Some fantasy football leagues may award points for punt and kick return yardage, however, the typical scoring gives defenses 6-points for each special teams touchdowns, which does include punt and kick return for touchdowns.

M/U = 4for4 matchup ranking (Schedule-Adjusted Fantasy Points Allowed). 1 = Worst Matchup, 32 = Best Matchup