The Best Super Bowl 57 Parlays

Feb 10, 2023
The Best Super Bowl 57 Parlays

The Super Bowl is almost here and that means sports betting sites have plenty of same-game parlays you should consider for the biggest game of the NFL season.

Sportsbooks have a full list of wagers for the Super Bowl such as props, point spreads, moneylines, and more. Bettors are looking to fill up their bet slips for a shot at big money during Super Bowl 57.

In 2022, we saw Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, and the Los Angeles Rams win Super Bowl LVI over the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20. Odell Beckham scored the first touchdown while the total was under the 48.5 line.

What will we see this season and what kind of parlay bet will you put together to win big at your sportsbook? Here are the best Super Bowl parlays for 2023.

Super Bowl 57 Best Parlays

The Super Bowl brings the opportunity to cash in big with some same-game parlays. Here are a few to consider for the big game.

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What is a Super Bowl Same-Game Parlay

A same-game parlay is when you pick more than one outcome to hit in the same game. A traditional parlay is combining events in separate games. For example, a same-game parlay could be picking the Chiefs to beat the Bengals and Patrick Mahomes will throw for more than 285 yards.

The same-game parlay picked up steam on FanDuel and other sportsbooks have followed suit. Most sportsbooks will have pre-built options for you to choose from as well as the ability to select your own.

A sportsbook might limit same-game parlays to specific events or leagues. Check with the sportsbook and customer service if you have questions.

Standard Parlay

A standard parlay is selecting outcomes from different games. For example, you might have selected the Bengals, Bills, Cowboys, and Jaguars to cover the spread for an NFL parlay. The odds increase with each pick added to the parlay but it makes the likelihood of winning the bet go down.

Betting Options for a Same-Game Parlay for Super Bowl LVII

What bets can you pick for a same-game parlay? Here are the different bets you will see available to include to boost your parlay odds.


It's easy, pick the team that will win. A favorite will have negative odds while the underdog will have positive odds. For example, the Chiefs might be -175 favorites to win. That means a $175 bet wins a $100 payout if the Chiefs win the game.

Point Spread

A spread is looking at the winning margin in a game. A favorite and an underdog are given a certain number of points to cover. The odds for most spread bets are around -110.

For example, say the Bengals are +6.5 underdogs vs the Bills in the 2023 NFL Playoffs. If you pick the Bengals to cover the spread, they need to lose by 6 points or less for the bet to win.


Also called an over/under, totals are the combined score of both teams. It's a bet on how many points will be scored. For example, the total for the Rams vs Bengals in Super Bowl 56 was 48.5. The final score was 23-20. There were 43 total points scored in the game so under bettors would have won.


There are a ridiculous amount of player props for the Super Bowl. You can bet on a player's rushing yards, receiving yards, passing yards, if a specific player will score a touchdown, and more.

For example, the Joe Burrow passing yards betting line might be set at over/under 275.5 yards. For an over, he would need to pass for at least 276 yards in the game.

Best Betting Sites for a Super Bowl Parlay

Many of the top online sportsbooks have the same-game parlay and other great prop bets for Super Bowl 57. Here are a few of the top options for the 2023 Super Bowl for NFL bettors looking for a Super Bowl same game parlay or props.


DraftKings Super Bowl Promo Code

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DraftKings is known for having great NFL lines and this makes it an easy choice to bet on the Super Bowl. It's a user-friendly app that is among the best.


Caesars Sportsbook Super Bowl Promo Code

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No better way to earn VIP reward points than betting on the biggest game. Take advantage of Caesars great rewards program and more by registering for an account.


BetMGM Super Bowl Promo Code

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A great place to start for new bettors and novice gamblers, BetMGM has first-bet insurance and more for bettors looking to get in on the Super Bowl betting action.


FanDuel Super Bowl Promo Code

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Great for live betting, FanDuel is a top option for your Super Bowl bets. Check out if there are same-game parlays available or use your "No Sweat" first bet on the big game.


PointsBet Promo Code

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PointsBet brings its unique bet types to the Super Bowl. Take advantage of "Points Betting" or "Name A Bet" for the NFL finale.

Same-Game Parlay Promotions

Same-game parlays can occasionally come with a promotion attached. Sportsbooks will use odds boosts or bet bonuses to entice users to place a parlay bet. In the past, Caesars Sportsbook and DraftKings have offered bet bonuses to a losing same-game parlay with 3 or more legs and long odds of at least +300.

The Best Super Bowl Parlays FAQs

Where can I place a same-game parlay on the Super Bowl?

The top sportsbooks will have same-game parlay options. Online sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and more will have this feature.

What is a same-game parlay?

A same-game parlay is when you combine multiple outcomes from the same game. For example, you bet on the Bengals to win and for Ja'Marr Chase to score an anytime touchdown.

What does a two-leg parlay mean?

Two-leg means there are two picks in the bet. A three-leg parlay would include three bets and so on.

What is a longshot parlay?

The more picks you make when you place parlays, the longer the odds. A longshot parlay is a bet with many legs that has a really low chance of hitting. If it does win, it is a huge payout.


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