Ultimate Super Bowl Drinking Game

Feb 10, 2023
Ultimate Super Bowl Drinking Game

Super Bowl LVII is almost here and it's time for the biggest game of the football season. People all over the world will be gathering with family and friends to watch the game on Super Bowl Sunday.

There are a lot of reasons to attend a Super Bowl party. Some people are there for the promise of great food, some for beer, and others to see a funny commercial. There are many reasons to spend Super Bowl game day with your favorite people.

For those of you looking to put together a drinking game for the Super Bowl and need an idea, we've got you covered. Here are the rules for a fun Super Bowl drinking game if you are looking for a place to start.

Super Bowl Drinking Game Rules

There are a lot of different Super Bowl drinking games to play. This is just one version that you can play while having some alcohol while you enjoy the game. Each category has a list of things and how you need to drink if any takes place.

Drink if:

For the following, it's simple. You have to take a sip of your drink anytime you see it happen.

  • There's a pass that gains over 20 yards.
  • A car commercial makes you cry.
  • A player cries.
  • There's a made field goal.
  • A player kisses his fingers and then points to the sky.
  • The camera shows a celebrity in the crowd.
  • A player gets a penalty.
  • There's an interception.

If this was the ultimate Super Bowl LVI drinking game for the Bengals vs Rams, you would have had to take multiple sips as there were 3 field goals made.

Also, Odell Beckham caught a 35-yard pass from Matthew Stafford. That distance is spanned more than 20 yards so that would be another drink from your cup.

Finish your drink if:

If any of these things happen, anyone playing would have to finish their drink.

  • Anything goes wrong during the halftime show.
  • There's an animal or a baby in the commercial.
  • Your team ends up scoring the first touchdown.
  • A quarterback gets sacked.

Last year, the Los Angeles Rams scored the first touchdown with a 17-yard TD pass from Stafford to Beckham. The Rams' defense was stellar with 7 sacks so their fans would have been celebrating by finishing a lot of drinks. There were 9 sacks in the game between both teams.

Take a shot if:

For this option, you need to take a shot if any of these occur.

  • A team's coach screams at an official.
  • Your team is the Super Bowl winner.

Rams fans had to end up taking a shot at the end of the 4th quarter after their team won the Super Bowl 23-20.

Ultimate 2023 Super Bowl Drinking Game - Wrap Up

Remember to be safe if you decide to participate in a drinking game during the Super Bowl. You need to drink responsibly. Do not drive. Enjoy the game with friends and family at any place that celebrates Super Bowl 57.

*21 and over. Please Drink Responsibly

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