4for4 Mailbag Week 2

Sep 15, 2016
4for4 Mailbag Week 2

Welcome to the weekly 4for4 Mailbag, where I answer your questions about all aspects of fantasy football including redraft leagues, DFS strategy, advice on handling angry football widows, and even some pop culture. Since it will be published on Thursdays throughout the season, I won’t be tackling waiver wire advice, so be sure to check out 4for4’s valuable articles on streaming and the like, to aid with your weekly roster decisions.

To submit a question for consideration, tweet me @themondaymommy or simply use the hashtag #4for4mailbag.

@Urkedout: How do you see Rivers doing without Keenan Allen?

JE: Poor Philip Rivers.

Last season, the Chargers quarterback was without two of his weapons for most of the season which resulted in a disappointing 4-12 record, dead last in the AFC West. Rivers managed to end the 2015 season as QB12 in fantasy points, with 282.5. Without concrete evidence, I’m still going to throw it out there that a large chunk of those points probably came in garbage time at the end of games, but as fantasy players we don’t care. It all scores the same.

The two WRs that were sidelined for significant time last season were Keenan Allen and Stevie Johnson, who missed weeks nine -13, and 12-17 respectively. In just an awful turn of events, both of these guys are out with knee injuries again this season and won’t see the field in 2016.

Fortunately for San Diego and Rivers, they picked up Travis Benjamin over the offseason, who should be targeted in not only vertical routes, but he's quick enough to be used on screens and crossing routes as well. Second-year wideout Tyrell Williams, who was an undrafted free agent with the Kansas City Chiefs last year should see the bulk of Allen’s targets. Williams finished Week 1 with two catches for 71 yards, and his volume should only increase now that their WR corps is so shallow.

While neither of these guys are Keenan Allen, I think Rivers will be fine with his current WRs, along with Antonio Gates and Hunter Henry at TE. In looking over 4for4’s Hot Spots tool, the Chargers will only face three opponents that are very strong versus the QB position this season, which works out well for Rivers’ situation. Sure, he’s still Phillip Rivers and he’ll force the ball at times, resulting in very frustrating interceptions, however, I think he will find a way to score fantasy points and finish as a QB1 this season.

@chris_sotir: 1pt PPR: Any RB names I could deal Gurley for?

JE: I certainly understand your frustration with Todd Gurley in Week 1, as the top rated RB scored a measly 4.2 PPR fantasy points as RB47. Personally, I believe it’s too early to push the panic button on Gurley, as he is just way too talented, even with a mediocre Rams offensive line and Case Keenum under center.

However, if you are prepared to jump ship on Gurley already, and don’t want to ride out what could be another ugly outing this week versus the Seahawks, here is a list of some RBs whose value is similar for the remainder of the season.

One-for-One: If you’re thinking a RB for a RB, guys with similar values are Adrian Peterson, Le’Veon Bell and Eddie Lacy. See if you can get a league mate to trade stud-for-stud.

One-for-Two: You may have to go after two RBs to replace Gurley’s value and hope that one pans out as an RB1. I’d look for guys like Jeremy Langford, Thomas Rawls, Ryan Matthews or Jonathan Stewart and try to get a package deal for the Rams RB.

@Adamw13: Who is the top WR and RB your opinion of has changed the most (better or worse) after Week 1?

JE: In the RB category, I am going to go with the Detroit Lions tandem of Theo Riddick and Ameer Abdullah. I have never been too high on this duo, or even each of them separately. Last season, Riddick ended with 179 overall PPR fantasy points, with 11.2 FP/G (fantasy points per game), and Abdullah finished out 2015 with 117 fantasy points with a 7.3 FP/G -- decent but nothing special.

After last week’s season opener, both of the Lions’ RBs cracked the top 10 with Riddick as TE4 and Abdullah as TE7. Although it’s doubtful they will keep up this pace, with offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter at the helm, it appears there could be room enough for the both of these RBs to prosper this season.

The WR that shocked me the most in Week 1 was Willie Snead. Sure, he got some love last season on the waiver wire and was the second highest scoring WR on the Saints’ roster with 176.9 fantasy points and 12.6 FP/G, however, I was not sold on the WR31.

Last Sunday, Snead racked up 32.2 fantasy points, enough for WR4 honors, ahead of guys like DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones and Odell Beckham Jr. Although the Saints don’t have the pleasure of playing a soft Raiders’ secondary every week, Snead could see a significant bump this season due to their own poor defense. If New Orleans finds themselves behind in most of their games, Snead could be the beneficiary of the team’s playing catch-up.

@NPowellFF: Should I quit Fantasy Football?

JE: Negative.

I can see maybe a few extreme cases where I would ever recommend ending anyone’s association with fantasy football. One, if playing was severely messing with your personal relationships with your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or any other family member. Even then, I would suggest counseling or several other therapy options before actually calling it quits.

Second, if the financial aspect of it was just too much, and you feel like a legitimate gambling problem has developed or is in the process of emerging. No one wants to see anyone lose a house, kids, or anything of value due to fantasy sports.

However, if neither of these apply, then suck it up and carry on. We all have rough weeks both in redraft and DFS, just pick yourself up and commit to making better choices. Don’t over coach, always start your studs, and remember this is supposed to be fun. Even if your entire team craps the bed all season long, there’s always next season where we all start out undefeated.

As always thanks so much for all your submissions this week. See you all next Thursday for the 4for4 Mailbag!

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