IND: could rest their vets Thursday night

Peter King.... I'm not saying if I had a few injured guys or 34-year-old vets with bum knees I wouldn't rest them as much as I could. But I also think this: The Colts clinched homefield advantage throughout the AFC playoffs with their 28-16 win over the Broncos Sunday, and they'll almost certainly begin the process of resting their veterans Thursday night at Jacksonville. So for some of them -- Peyton Manning, Jeff Saturday, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, to be sure -- there will be either 34 or 35 days between the last game they played in full until the first playoff game on either Jan. 16 or 17. I can see Mathis and Freeney not playing much, because they're both nicked. But I don't know how much it helps Peyton Manning to not play.

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