Bronco QBs to get equal reps

Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak continues to insist all three quarterback have a shot at the starting gig, but Mark Sanchez will get the first snaps.

Kubiak said Wednesday that Sanchez will start with the first-team unit when training camp opens on Thursday, but noted that the rotation isn't written in stone. Kubiak added that reps will remain equal between Sanchez, Trevor Siemian and rookie Paxton Lynch.

"The bottom line is we're gonna give them equal reps," he said. "It's an open competition. We've laid out our plan of how we're gonna rep them and those types of things, so that we're getting an equal look at all of them. Tomorrow we line up. Mark's gonna go first, Trevor is gonna go second, Paxton is gonna go third. That will change on a day-to-day basis and how we do things. We just want to give them all an equal opportunity."

Fantasy Impact: 

Kubiak said Sanchez and Siemian will likely split more first-team reps to start camp, but the Broncos want to ensure Lynch remains on a quick developmental path. It's probably not a good sign for Sanchez but he may still very well in the job. However, given his inconsistent play over the last few years with the Eagles, he's unlikely to keep it if Siemian and or Lynch show anything.

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