Bills QB Matt Cassel has a 'brutal day' throwing the ball

Matt Cassel has brutal day.

There was one repetition during red zone 7-on-7s that displayed a good throw from Matt Cassel into the back of the end zone. That play, by itself, was the only redeeming quality of Cassel’s performance against defensive players on Wednesday. Right from the start, Cassel put too much air under his throws, resulting in a number of passes that could have been intercepted by the defense. He was late on throws, he was inaccurate, and missed a deep throw to Tobais Palmer by about 15 yards (and that isn’t an exaggeration). Cassel’s lackluster day was concluded by a fade throw on the right sideline, in which the receiver was covered by three defenders. Predictably, the throw was intercepted — this time by Ronald Darby. Of the other quarterbacks, EJ Manuel had the best day of the bunch, while Matt Simms was getting worked in a bit more after having one week on the job. As for the most interesting man at One Bills Drive, Tyrod Taylor, Wednesday was merely a ‘meh’ day for him.

Fantasy Impact: 

We currently project Cassel to win the job, but we'll have to adjust our projections if he continues to struggle.

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