Fantasy Football Superflex Standard Rankings

Last update . Feb 10 . 04:42 PM EST
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#PlayerPosTeamOppM/UFF PtsPaYdsPaTDPassingINTPa1DRuYdsRushingRuTDRu1DRecRecYdsReceivingRecTDRec1D
1Christian McCaffreyRBSF--
2Patrick MahomesQBKC--018.7261.81.70.712.926.
3Brock PurdyQBSF--014.9237.41.60.911.
4Isiah PachecoRBKC--
5Deebo SamuelWRSF--
6Travis KelceTEKC--
7Rashee RiceWRKC--
8Brandon AiyukWRSF--
9George KittleTESF--
10Justin WatsonWRKC--

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2QB Superflex Fantasy Football Rankings

Fantasy managers have identified that typical 1QB leagues have not properly valued the position as high as they are in the real NFL game. To counteract this, more and more leagues are requiring two starting quarterbacks in their fantasy lineup. Here we'll be looking at and evaluating our 2QB league player rankings. This format makes sure fantasy manager quarterbacks are valuing quarterbacks in a way that more closely resembles how NFL teams value the position.

What is a 2QB League?

A 2QB league is very similar to that of a 1QB league, the only difference is it includes an extra starting spot for a second quarterback. This requires you to take a different approach to the position because waiting on a quarterback until the double-digit rounds may result in your starting lineup including passers. Quarterbacks are generally the highest-scoring fantasy football players and the addition of a second starting lineup increases the position's overall worth.

Do other positions affect quarterback production?

There's no question that other positions affect the quarterback position, but not as much as the quarterback position affects other positions. The quarterback is the engine that makes everything go. Without a great quarterback, a team's ceiling is significantly capped. However, a team that may have average weapons or even below-average weapons can overcome that disadvantage through excellent quarterback play.

M/U = 4for4 matchup ranking (Schedule-Adjusted Fantasy Points Allowed). 1 = Worst Matchup, 32 = Best Matchup