Seahawks Beat: What the team could do with RB Rashaad Penny

So, at the moment I don’t think Seattle has any specific thought on how it will make room for Rashaad Penny, instead thinking a spot may be created along the way. For now, they’ll just focus on getting him ready for when that may happen.

Fantasy Impact: 

Penny can return to practice anytime after six weeks, meaning the week of the Arizona game Oct. 25. But they don’t have to return to practice that week. In fact, the window to return is open from Week 6 to Week 11. The writer thinks the team is going to take its time with Penny and not rush him back thanks to a crowded backfield. At least for this year, it sounds like the team will wait and see as long as they can before making a decision on Penny, saving him in case a back on the current roster goes down.

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