OAK could use committee at running back

On second thought, a Darren McFadden-Michael Bush RB tandem could be the plan in 2010.

Raiders coach Tom Cable’s postseason stance until Wednesday was he was hoping to identify a lead back which could upgrade a running game which sagged in 2009.


“I think they’re both doing something exciting each day, whether it’s running the ball or pass protecting,” Cable said. “Each one of them has their own strength but they both show up every time we come out here. I actually think their both (No. 1s) and I think it’s a great deal we got going here.”

Fantasy Impact: 

The committee seems to be the way most teams are going these days, which in the fantasy world makes things tricky. The Raiders could be improved enough this year that Bush and/or McFadden could have some fantasy value. We'll have to see how carries are split and who gets the ball on the goal line. Just another situation to monitor.

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