Looks like a two-back system for Giants

On the New York Giants' unofficial depth chart, there is just one position that has two starters listed for one spot.

David Wilson and Andre Brown are both listed as the starting running back. Even though the depth chart is “unofficial,” it’s an indication of how both backs will play a significant role this season.

No matter who starts, Wilson and Brown should see their share of carries and opportunities. Tom Coughlin has indicated that he will ride the hot hand and will go with a two-back system. If the coach has his way, Coughlin would have a third back to sprinkle in like he did when he had Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw and Derrick Ward.

Fantasy Impact: 

Wilson can score from anywhere on the field and is far more explosive, but Brown will likely get goal line work. Wilson is ranked 19th on our list while Brown is 29th. Owning Brown if you're a Wilson owner may not be a bad idea if you can swing it. We've seen Wilson go into the doghouse rather quickly last year so it may not take much for him to get there in 2013 as well. But if Wilson excels, it would likely be hard to keep away touches from him.

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