Jaguars HC Gus Bradley discusses his running back corps

Jaguars HC Gus Bradley... (on running back Denard Robinson being a top option in 2015)

"He was a pleasant surprise for us [in 2014] after his first year. He came back stronger and bigger and really shocked us. He had a couple of games in a row [of 100 yards rushing] where he did some really nice things for us and it was unfortunate he had the [foot] injury at the end. We’re really pleased with his progress and we’re hopeful that he takes the next step. Where that takes him in the rotation, that’s yet to be seen. He’s doing a great job coming back from his injury. The future is bright for him."

(on running back Toby Gerhart and if he can salvage a role in 2015 after a non-productive 2014)

"He’s done a good job. With a new offensive staff, that’s what we’re in the process of doing right now – looking at everybody’s strengths and how to best utilize those. Toby’s done a nice job for us. I know people may consider him a third down-type back or a short-yardage, situational back but we saw him do enough good things on first and second downs that he’ll have a place with us. He is a different style of back and we’re putting tougher an offense that best utilizes his strength."

Fantasy Impact: 

Robinson averaged a solid 4.3 YPC on 135 carries, while Gerhart struggled to 3.2 YPC after suffering an early season foot injury. He did average 3.9 YPC from Week 9 on, and 4.0 YPC over the final six games, so things improved as he started to get healthy. Gerhart has a career 4.3 YPC, so he's probably better than he showed last season. We're currently expecting a RBBC with Gerhart and Robinson each getting a fair share of the workload.

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