Falcons to run more no-huddle

The Falcons are working on the pacing of the attack and have expanded their no-huddle operation from about 10-12 plays to about 30.

"We are going to do a lot more of it this year," wide receiver Roddy White said after Thursday's organized-team-activities practice. "So I have to get myself mentally prepared because that's where I hurt us last year, where I made some mistakes. That's probably my main focus. I'm just going to get in there and try to run that."

The Falcons have run the no-huddle more as a change of pace since quarterback Matt Ryan's rookie season. With Ryan more comfortable with what he's seeing from defenses and having a better grasp on how to attack, the expansion was predicable.

"Matt knows what he's doing," White said. "He's getting everybody on the same page. He's doing a good job out there coaching and showing that he understands it. He's making big steps."

Fantasy Impact: 

The Falcons are hoping for more big plays, which also equals big fantasy points. QB Matt Ryan may see a bump in rankings as a result. Same goes for WR Roddy White.

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