James Jones looking forward to more targets in 2013

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Packers WR James Jones is looking forward to more targets in 2013.

"It's exciting because it means more opportunities," Jones said. "As long as we can stay healthy, it means more opportunities for me, [Randall Cobb] and [Jordy Nelson]. When you lose playmakers like [Donald Driver] and if [Greg Jennings] doesn't sign back, that's two less guys we gotta give the ball to which means you're going to get a lot more action."

Could Jones register 100 catches in 2013?

"I think a 100-catch receiver is gone out of our offense just because Aaron (Rodgers) spreads the ball around so much," he said. "If anybody had a shot to get 100 catches, I'd probably say Randall because he's in the slot and he'll probably get a lot more targets.

"I can see me, Jordy and Randall getting about 80 catches a piece. I can see us all having over 1,000 yards."

Fantasy Impact: 

Jones's ADP is going to be interesting to watch heading into 2013 drafts. He turns 29 in March, so he's still in his prime. He has finished in the top 5 in FP/target in each of the last two seasons and his TD rate (% of catches resulting in a TD) actually increased from 18.4% (3rd in league) in 2011 to 21.9% (1st) in 2012. Drops are no longer an issue and he's clearly a red zone favorite of Aaron Rodgers. Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson will hold more value on draft day, but we would not be at all surprised if Jones led the Packer WRs in fantasy points again in 2013.

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