Interview w/ Panthers GM Marty Hurney. (RE: LB position...

Interview w/ Panthers GM Marty Hurney. (RE: LB position)

Q. At linebacker losing Thomas Davis obviously hurts, but are you concerned about moving Jon Beason to the weak side?

Hurney: “Not at all. I don’t think there’s a concern with Jon no matter what. I think he’s at a position where he’s going to make as many plays if not more than (when he played) in the middle. And again it’s all fluid right now, but if it works out the way we have it now Dan Connor is a very capable Mike linebacker. And that’s where you go back to your draft philosophy. We didn’t have a need at linebacker when we took Dan Connor in the third round, but he was the top player on the board. Now because of this injury that move might pay off. We’ll wait and see. But Dan Connor is an excellent football comfortable and I think we feel more comfortable with him in the middle.

“And we feel like in this defense Jon Beason will have a chance to make a boatload of plays. A lot of people forget that he’s played both. He’s played in the middle and outside and I think it’s a credit for Jon to do what was in the best interest of the team. You hate to lose a player like Thomas Davis but we’re fortunate to have some options.”

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