Tampa DT Gerald McCoy Talks Health, Contracts

Former Southeast High School and Oklahoma Sooner standout Gerald McCoy stopped by AT&T Bricktown Ballpark to throw the ceremonial first pitch at the Oklahoma RedHawks' game against the Iowa Cubs on Saturday. The third pick in the 2010 NFL Draft signed some autographs as well and sat down with The Oklahoman.

There were reports that you injured your leg during minicamp. How's your leg now?

"Nothing is wrong with me; it's the media, they make stuff up. It was one of those things when anything happens you have to let the trainers know. Something was up with my hip, so the trainers told me to sit down for the day. And they turned it into a big deal."

You had your first experience of minicamp. How does it compare to camp at OU?

"Our minicamp wasn't really like minicamp; it was like a real practice, just a little shorter. Real intense, we just didn't wear pads. If we did something like that at Oklahoma it would just be walk-through. It was pretty intense to be mini-camp."

How are contract discussions coming?

(shrugs shoulders) "I definitely want to be on time, but we just have to see how it goes."

What do you think of former teammate Sam Bradford's contract situation?

"King Sam! Sam will get his deal done. I think Sam will be there, and as soon as Sam gets his deal done, mine will be done."

Are you waiting on Sam to sign?

"It's kind of one of those deals where you would rather let the first pick sign first. You don't want to do your deal first and his contract is way higher than yours. But if you waited yours would have been higher."

Fantasy Impact: 

Once Bradford signs, others will follow. It would be nice for McCoy to be in camp early, as Tampa is counting on him to help revive the Buccaneers defense. Right now, the Bucs are at 27 in 4for4's rankings, so they aren't worth drafting. If Gerald is the real McCoy and the other pieces blend well around him, maybe the Bucs will be worth acquiring during the season.

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