Slimmer Mike Evans working on reducing drops

Third-year wide receiver Mike Evans has slimmed down, and he's loving the results.

"I got my weight down," Evans said after Wednesday's practice. "This is the lightest I've been since college -- around 220. I feel real good."

Last season, Evans, who is 6-foot-5, was listed at 231 pounds. He didn't like the way he felt during the team's offseason conditioning program, though. "In OTAs, I felt slow and heavy," said Evans, who lost the weight by monitoring what he ate more closely. "Now I feel good, like I can run all day."

Fantasy Impact: 

Evans is also working on reducing drops, the story said. In 2015, he had 1,206 receiving yards, which was 11th in the league. But he caught only 50 percent of his targets -- the lowest percentage of anyone who reached 1,000 yards. Almost every other 1,000-yard receiver was between 8 and 20 percentage points better than Evans, with only T.Y. Hilton (53 percent), Emmanuel Sanders (56 percent) and Allen Robinson (54 percent) near Evans' mark.

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