Skins Beat: RB Rob Kelley could be spark team needs

The lack of flash in Rob Kelley's game isn't important. That's not what the Washington Redskins need from their running back. What they need is what he has delivered -- and they just might have stumbled onto a real good solution for their run game.

It takes more than two games to establish who you are in the NFL. So Kelley will have days when perhaps he'll remind everyone that he was once an undrafted free agent from Tulane and more holes are poked into his game. Or maybe he won't.

"He's a tremendous asset," Redskins tight end Vernon Davis said. "I remember when he first arrived in training camp and I saw him making cuts I was like, 'Wow, he has great hips and great feet. He's going to be a stud.' And he is. He's a stud."

Fantasy Impact: 

After two starts, Kelley has done more than open eyes. And he's doing it by excelling in one big way: being consistent. He rarely loses yards -- only two of his 60 carries this season have resulted in negative yardage. Sunday, he had one carry for minus-1 yards. Other than that, here's the consistency: 17 of his 22 carries gained between two and five yards. Only three were for less than two yards (two others went for 14 and 21). He's not going to hit home runs, but the man keeps getting on base to set this offense in a good spot. He's also holding on to the ball, something Matt Jones failed to do leading up to the switch.

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