Peter King breaks down Packers QB Aaron Rodgers' situation

Peter King told Fox's Colin Cowherd if Aaron Rodgers doesn't want to play for the Packers after this season, he can request a trade, but can't demand where he wants to be traded. Rodgers can also play out the contract for the next two years for Green Bay and become a free agent in 2023 at the age of 39. King said Rodgers would be what Tom Brady was at the age of 42.

Fantasy Impact: 

At that point, Rodgers can play wherever he wants. King said it's possible Rodgers could then sign a free agent contract with the Packers, and play out his career. King said Rodgers isn't "kicking and screaming" right now, even off the record. Rodgers seems to be playing in the moment and hasn't made a decision about 2022, mostly because he can't according to King, because Rodgers doesn't know what the 2021 season will bring.

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