'More opportunities' for Bills RB Devin Singletary

The LeSean McCoy move made it clear that Devin Singletary capably demonstrated in training camp and the preseason that he had a firm grasp of all the responsibilities required of a complete back.

“This allows Devin more opportunities to show what he can do for the team,” said Beane. “We believe in LeSean and still believe he can play, but you can’t look at every decision in a vaccum. After the draft Devin was a guy we were excited about, but some guys transition faster and some guys transition slower. That’s one of the decisions. Who is ready in that running back group to contribute right away? And we just felt right now that Devin would be able to help us along with the other guys that we’re keeping."

Fantasy Impact: 

Other reports say Singletary won't take over the lead back role right away, he'll need to improve in pass protection and blitz pickup. He also wasn't asked to play much of a role in the passing game in college so that is a potential issue as well.

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