Joe Burrow, Bengals offense struggling

Bengals QB Joe Burrow has been struggling to connect with receivers so far in camp, according to Jay Morrison and Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic. "Throws that felt like layups last year are dropping harmlessly away from receivers or easily broken up by multiple defenders. There might be a multitude of reasons for the struggles, but this has been ugly.

Burrow also appeared to lift his left leg - the one that he had ACL and MCL surgery on - to keep it from getting hit during one play.

Fantasy Impact: 

Morrison and Dehner speculate that Burrow may be thinking about getting hit, which is natural coming off major surgery but also a concern that could plague the second-year quarterback as he tries to get ready for the season.

Offensive continuity is more likely to improve as camp progresses, but Burrow's potential concerns with his left leg is a must-watch in the coming weeks.

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