Holmgren: decision on Mangini will be resolved soon

New Browns President Mike Holmgren emerged from his sit-down meeting with HC Mangini without making a decision on whether Mangini will be his coach for the 2010 season.
"I met with Eric briefly, but not 'The Meeting'," Holmgren said in his afternoon meeting with the media. "They were busy getting their year-end evaluations completed. We have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow. I asked him to think about a few things this evening. I did give him a list of things to think about for our meeting tomorrow.

"In fairness to Eric ... I was a coach for a long time, it's important he understands where I'm coming from and I understand where he's coming from. The only way you win in this league is when the coach and general manager are on the same wavelength. That's the only chance.

"When egos get in the way, it destroys the team. My goal is to have everyone thinking in a like manner, going in the same direction. Let's put the egos aside. That meeting I'm going to have tomorrow."

When asked if Mangini had a legitimate chance to retain the job, Holmgren said: "Absolutely. Otherwise I wouldn't have set the meeting up. I don't dance too much. I appreciate people that shoot straight. We're going to have a meeting. Maybe a couple of meetings this week. I hope to have that resolved this week."

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