Colts RB Donald Brown on Shaky Ground?

QUESTION: This may sound odd, but should Donald Brown be concerned about his job? Joseph Addai, Devin Moore and Javarris James have all looked good while Brown looks as if he is going through the motions. And when I watch him on blitz pickups, he looks afraid to stand in there and get hit. Initially I thought I was overreacting, and I hope I still am. But when the Colts signed Allen Parker, it made me wonder.

ANSWER: Relax. Brown's job isn't in jeopardy. I never pay much attention to the running game in the preseason. It's generally ineffective and the front-line running backs often aren't very productive. That's especially true for the No. 2 guy - that's Brown - because he's often working behind a mixture of starters and subs. This year, though, Brown has been running behind the starting line, but that group has been slammed with injuries. Although I don't worry about Brown's ability to run, I do have some concerns with his pass blocking. He did very little of that in college and struggled with it as a rookie. If a running back can't pass protect in this offense, he has a very difficult time getting on the field. As for the signing of Allen Parker, he was needed for the Green Bay game. I get the impression Moore and James are questionable for the game with the dreaded "undisclosed'' injury.

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