WR Jason Avant

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Eagles WR Jason Avant - This was a tough one. You can't expect a rookie to have a breakout season. And is DeSean Jackson sneaking up on anyone at this point? Offensive line? You could make the case for Stacy Andrews, but he's not all the way back yet. You could say Shawn Andrews if he makes the move to tackle on a permanent basis, but he is a 2-time Pro Bowl player. Here's why I picked Avant. He's the top slot WR. It's not going to be Kevin Curtis after the addition of Jeremy Maclin. Curtis is an outside WR in Philly. Just because he's white and small, he's not NE's Wes Welker. Curtis, Jackson and hopefully Maclin will be able to stretch the field better this year than in year's past. Avant isn't quick and he's not stellar after the catch, but he is outstanding in his ability to run routes over the middle of the field and will make the tough catches. If defenses have to pay attention to the outside threats more and if Celek and Cornelius Ingram can be effective out of the tight end spot, Avant should be able to clean up any mess defenders leave behind.

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