RG3 willing to run more often

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Robert Griffin III said the Washington Redskins' offense needs a spark.

And he knows where it can come from: his legs.

"I can run more," Griffin said.

After running nine times in the first two games, none on designed runs or off the zone read-option, Griffin is ready for more.

"The plays are in, they're ready to run, and I'm ready to run them," Griffin said. "We just haven't had a chance to do them because we've fallen behind too much.

"It's not that I want to run more, I just feel like that's what we need and if that's what it takes for us to win games, I'm willing to do that. It's not anything I'm going to shy away from."

Fantasy Impact: 

RG3 is the #8 QB through two weeks, so his value hasn't been hurt by his lack of runs. He's averaging 44.5 pass attempts so far after averaging just 26.2 attempts in 2012. As long as the Redskins continue to fall behind in games, Griffin will continue to rack up big passing numbers.

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