MJD has progressed to running sprints

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Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew (foot) was among nine players who either didn’t practice or weren’t present because of academic commitments.

Jones-Drew said he ran 30 yards at three-quarters speed during the workout.

“That was exciting,” he said. “Lately, it’s been one day on, a day off, two days on, a day off — it’s part of the process.
I’m closer than I think. I just want to take my time and make sure we do it the right way.”

Jones-Drew’s goal is to resume full-scale training for the month leading into the start of training camp the last week of July.

Fantasy Impact: 

MJD is one of the league's most productive running backs when healthy. Not only is the foot a concern, but the Jaguars are switching to a zone blocking scheme which isn't always a step forward (i.e. Darren McFadden in 2012).

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