Greg Jennings's knee is "as stable as it's going to be"

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - [Full Article]

For the first time since injuring his knee last month, receiver Greg Jennings was able to run routes against the Green Bay Packers defense in practice -- an indication that the Pro Bowl wide receiver is on track to return for the playoffs.

"Running out there, running routes on air [by yourself], anybody can do that," Jennings said.

"When you have a guy leaning on you and trying to jam you and reacting to it, you're kind of going to instinctively react. And that was huge for me to know that I can just react and respond to a guy up in my face and be able to still beat the jam and try to kick it into another gear when the ball's in the air."

Jennings tore his left medial collateral ligament in the Packers' Dec. 11 victory against Oakland, and sat out the final three games of the regular season.

"Right now, my knee is as stable as it's going to be, and it's been as stable as it's going to get for the last two weeks now," Jennings said.

"So I've pretty much been cleared to do most things that we need to do as a receiver to perform at a high level."

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