Carson Palmer is serious, house going up for sale - [Full Article]

Many times disgruntled sports fans start rumors that an unpopular player's house is up for sale, as if to give fellow malcontents hope things will change if the right buyer comes along.

Then there's the case of Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer who tells friends the organization doesn't believe he's serious about wanting to play elsewhere. Maybe now they will attach more significance to his request.

Channel 9 Sports has learned that Palmer is about to list his Indian Hill home for sale. A local Comey-Shepherd representative confirmed that preparations are being made to put Palmer's residence on the market, hopefully by March.

"He's not coming back", according to a real estate agent who talked Wednesday morning with the disenchanted Bengals quarterback.

That is the same theme echoed by another associate of Palmer, who says that unless he is released by the Bengals so as to play somewhere else, he is prepared to retire.

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