Tomlin mum on Sweed

The mystery involving Sweed grew yesterday with the announcement that not only was he placed on the non-football illness/injury list but because that "illness" has been kept hush-hush.

Sweed, who has been an enormous disappointment since the Steelers drafted him on the second round in 2008 after picking Mendenhall in the first round, has one catch this season for 5 yards -- against Cincinnati in the third game. He did not dress for five games, including Sunday's against the Packers after he missed all week with his undisclosed illness.

"I think it's appropriate right now that we say very little in regard to his personal issues," Tomlin said. "I will say this: It's a non-football illness. He has our full support. Anything else I say will be in regards to protecting his privacy."

Coaches normally do not refer to players who have a physical illness as having "personal issues."

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