Titans Beat: Despite slump, QB Ryan Tannehill has job security

Like it or not, this isn’t a question of job security and won’t be anytime soon. The Titans already doubled down on Ryan Tannehill by restructuring his contract at a greater cost in the future. He’s not going anywhere, and there is no scenario other than serious injury in which Logan Woodside would ever start games ahead of him.

Thus the Titans – no matter what happens on the field – are sure to continue to fervently support Tannehill. Teammates and coaches will keep pointing to intangibles.

Fantasy Impact: 

The team acquired Julio Jones to bolster the passing game, but that hasn't worked out as of yet, and both A.J. Brown and Jones have been sidelined more than not. Leading rusher Derrick Henry has also been out leaving the Titan offense shorthanded as a whole. As the story said, Tannehill hasn't been the problem, but he hasn't been good enough to be the solution at least up to now.

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