Titans Beat: 60-40 split between RBs Henry and Lewis

Dion Lewis saw a career-high 36 percent of the offensive reps in New England last season. With injury concerns and size limitations, there will likely be a cap on Lewis' workload. But he still could match or even surpass his workload from last season and still leave plenty on the bone for Henry.

Last season, DeMarco Murray claimed 63 percent of offensive snaps to Derrick Henry's 40. A reasonable June estimate for 2018 would be a similar workflow, with Henry getting about 60 percent and Lewis 40 percent.

Fantasy Impact: 

Our projections currently have Lewis at 180 carries and 44 receptions, 51 percent of the touches projected between Henry and him. Last season, Henry saw 187 touches. So even though our projection for him is only 49 percent of the touches between Lewis and him, it is still a total of 209 touches, an increase from last season. We expect Lewis to get the bulk of the receptions out of this backfield, making him more valuable in PPR formats. Also working in the Titans' backfield's favor, the entire starting offensive line returns from last season.

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